Funkcionalni medovi - dar prirode za bolje zdravlje!

Functional honeys - nature's gift for better health!

Functional honeys are a real medicine from nature whose beneficial effects on health we are still discovering.

Honey has been used since ancient times as part of traditional medicine. The belief that honey is a nutrient, a medicine and a fat has been transmitted to our time.

Functional honeys protect and enrich the human body in many ways and increase immunity. By mixing with seeds and medicinal herbs, food supplements based on honey are obtained that are natural and without preservatives and added additives.

Matičnjak honey is also honey from the Croatian pastures of the Žumberački Mountains and is obtained in the most natural way possible, without the use of synthetic additives in beekeeping .

In combination with carefully selected plants of our climate, this honey mixture contains a piece of natural wealth that will enrich your daily diet in a high-quality way.

Functional food
 is a new field in food science, and its popularity is growing even among health-conscious consumers. Functional food it is part of the daily diet and contains one or more components with a proven beneficial effect on the physiological functions of the body.

The importance of food rich in different nutritional values ​​was generally accepted after it was proved that a monotonous diet can lead to a shortage of essential nutrients and to eating disorders.

Natural products, without additives and preservatives, have a very effective power. We associate honey with something perfect and healthy.

It is important to act on time, and why with honey? Because by consuming it, we enable faster delivery of the taste to the receptors and pollen grains from the honey, which provide natural hyposensitization.

Nigella honey to fight allergies

It is important to emphasize that many flower honeys also contain pollen grains of ragweed and alder, poplar, birch, ash, hazel, various grasses, etc. and finally admit that flower honeys are not good for allergy sufferers. For this reason, a large percentage of black cumin seeds were added to Nigella and Nigella junior flower honey, because thymoquinone from this plant dilates the bronchi and then the symptoms stop allergies , and the body slowly gets used to flower powder that irritates it, even that of ragweed.

So honey Nigella it becomes functional and by itself has less flower powder (which bothers people allergic to the pollen of various weeds, grasses, hazel, poplar, birch, ash and even ragweed). It acts like a gentle natural vaccine if you take it twice a day for a long period of time.

For a better taste, we also offer honey Nigella Junior with the addition of hazelnuts. Children will easily fall in love with it and we are sure that by consuming it every day - we are protecting them.

Honey of the Four Thieves to strengthen immunity

Functional honey Four thieves in which there are black cumin seeds and four beneficial plants of our climate - sage, lemon balm, thyme and rosemary, which " steal " everything that harms your health .

Malvamed honey for easier breathing

Functional honey Malvamed with black cumin seeds, flower powder, marshmallow flower and mullein flower. Breathe fully!

Honey Five Tibetans for vitality and detox

The synergy of grape seeds, black cumin and fenugreek, hazelnut kernels and oat grains, which achieve a greater effect in honey, for the vitality and detoxification of the organism. Try ours Tibetans - healthy and very tasty!

Hepta San honey for a healthier liver

Functional honey with the addition of shelled sika seeds, fenugreek seeds and turmeric. It contains natural silymarin in its best form ( sikavica ), hence Hepta sana honey is recommended for everyone who wants to preserve the health of the liver and to replenish iron.

Honey Vita-B for hormonal balance

Hormonal balance is the basis of the health of the entire organism. Our natural solution is functional honey Vita - B which contains Peruvian maca, carob and hazelnut.

Honey Concofit for better digestion

Functional honey containing black cumin seeds, oat seeds and fennel. Oat seeds are the most natural source of beta glucan and selenium, they are indigestible and full of fiber, and the benefits of fennel on the human body have been known since ancient times. Honey Concofit it is recommended for everyone who has problems with irregular and difficult digestion.

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