Macerati - spoj ulja i ljekovitog bilja

Macerati - a combination of oil and medicinal herbs

In nature, we can find plants that help with various ailments. It is up to us to use this medicinal plant in the best possible way. We can pour hot water over it or boil it in it to get the so-called decoction, infusion or simply tea, and we can soak the same herbs in alcohol and get the so-called tinctures. The third way of extracting the active medicinal principles of the "soul" of the plant itself is the production of oil macerates.

They are obtained by soaking the medicinal herbs in cold pressed oil and then the herbs for 6 weeks releases its healing substances into the oil. As we at Matičnjak use cold-pressed oils for macerates that contain essential fatty acids and therefore have a certain function in themselves, in the case of macerates there is a certain a synergy that combines the medicinal properties of the herbs themselves, but also of the oil in which the herbs are macerated .

The specialty of our line of macerates is innovation in production combined with many years of experience in phytotherapy.

For the first time, in the formulation of medicinal macerates, the macerator also plays an important role in the effectiveness of the entire preparation. By carefully selecting the components of our macerates, we achieved the synergistic effect of cold-pressed oils and medicinal herbs macerated in them.

Macerate in black cumin oil

  • MACERAT 01 - fennel, basil, nettle, aronia and ginger to strengthen the immune system
  • MACERAT 04 - bitter melon, fenugreek, bitter gourd and aronia to regulate sugar levels
  • MACERAT 14 ( bestseller ) - sweet wormwood to fight against viruses and bacteria and strengthen the immune system

Macerate in walnut kernel oil

  • MACERAT 03 - hawthorn, thyme, nettle and rosemary for better circulation
  • MACERAT 05 - fenugreek and honeysuckle to lower high cholesterol
  • MACERAT 08 - growing flowers for the regulation of hyperfunction of the thyroid gland
  • MACERAT 13 - bitter wormwood, black walnut and cloves to fight against parasites

Macerate in apricot kernel oil

  • MACERAT 02 - ginger, parsley and cinnamon to strengthen the heart muscle
  • MACERAT 10 - yarrow with the addition of walnut kernel oil for better stomach function
  • MACERAT 12 - basil, myrrh and nettle with the addition of walnut kernel oil to strengthen hair roots

Macerate in pumpkin oil

  • MACERAT 06 - willow and nettle for better prostate function

Macerate in sikavica oil

  • MACERAT 07 - rootstock and resistant for calmness and good sleep and soothing of hyperfunction of the thyroid gland
  • MACERAT 09 - European golden coin and parsley for better kidney function
  • MACERAT 11 - peppermint for normal bile function

Ivo Bačija - known to the general public as one of the most famous phyto- and apitherapists, beekeeper, breeder, producer and processor of medicinal plants, senior expert advisor at the Matičnjak phytotherapy center in Zagreb, main creator and innovator of most products of the company "Matičnjak Sativa doo"

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