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FAMILY package

FAMILY package

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An excellent combination of healthy foods, honey and oil for daily use

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There are 4 products in the package:

Hemp oil 250ml
Honey Nigella Junior 250g
Hemp pasta 350g
Walnut pasta 350g

• Black cumin seeds 25g
• Hazelnut kernels 25g
• Flower honey 200g

100% cold pressed hemp oil

Naturally green in color and with a delicious nutty taste, it is rich in protein and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are essential for a balanced body, and is rich in easily digestible fiber.

It has a specific fine-bitter taste, is full of protein and fiber, and we know how important the walnut is for our psycho-physical functions.


• Honey Nigella Junior
Two to three teaspoons a day with a glass of water.

• Hemp oil
This oil is suitable for daily use on its own before meals (one teaspoon 2-3 times a day), as an addition to ready meals or salads, but we do not recommend it for thermal processing of food. It is preferable to apply it directly to the skin of the face and body because it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and does not close the pores.

• The most delicious Croatian quality protein pasta:
Cook the pasta in boiling water with the addition of salt and a little oil. Cook in an open container for 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Strain the cooked pasta and serve. For the best result, use 1L of water per 100 g of pasta.

Method of storage and notes

In a dark and dry place up to 25 °C

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If Tolstoy were Matičnjakovac , he would say All happy families are alike, every gastronomic family is gastronomic in its own way ! 😉

Prepare your palate and kitchen for new, nutritionally excellent recipes in the FAMILY package and treat yourself and your family to health through delicious meals rich in vitamins, minerals, micro- and macronutrients!

This family package consists of pasta rich in protein and fiber, functional honey that will intrigue even the youngest, and nutritious cold-pressed oil that contributes to the body's balance.

  • Start the day with Nigella Junio r functional honey that contains black cumin seeds and delicious hazelnut for even the youngest to enjoy! It acts as a natural vaccine because it contains the most common allergens ( pollen of ragweed, hazel and birch, alder, poplar, grass and weeds) and by consuming it, we hyposensitize the body to them. In this way, the body accepts flower powder as an extraordinary food, with high nutritional value and measurable effects!
  • Include high-protein walnut and hemp pasta in your family meals! The protein in our pasta controls appetite, increases the feeling of satiety and helps muscles grow and recover. Fiber controls the level of sugar in the blood, and because of this, our energy throughout the day is continuous.

  • Along with all these delicacies, it is important to include cold pressed hemp oil . This extremely nutritious vegetable oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, and their ratio in relation to omega-6 fatty acids is extremely favorable for our body. It also contains linolenic acid, which is an endemic phenomenon in the world of herbal preparations. Unfiltered edible hemp seed oil is greenish in color, with a mild taste and pleasant smell. It helps restore the body to a balance that has been disturbed as a result of genetic factors, intake of bad fats, aging and bad lifestyle habits.


The most delicious protein pasta of Croatian quality

  • proteins that control appetite, increase the feeling of satiety, and help muscles grow and recover
  • the amount of fiber from this pasta controls the blood sugar level and therefore the energy is continuous
  • they do not contain eggs, colors or additives and are completely safe for all ages
  • quick preparation, in just ten minutes you can have a delicious lunch that will boost your energy to an enviable level
Matičnjak - Hvala Vam!

100% love, 0% chemistry

Maticnjak domestic production of 100% natural products and plant extracts. Experience the power of nature in its original form!

For all questions regarding Matičnjak product and its use, please feel free to contact us on 099 532 6688, and all related questions Ops Biotics+ skin care lines on 099 8004 726.

Can't find your medicinal herb? - Ask a phytotherapist .


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