Vitamin C - za odmornu i sjajnu kožu

Vitamin C - for rested and shiny skin

Ops Biotics C – serum uses full-spectrum vitamin C, obtained from the rosehip fruit, and is fortified with potent nutrients that make it a vitamin bomb for the skin!

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There are a lot of rejuvenating ingredients on the market and many of them work effectively, but almost none have such clearly scientifically proven action and top results as vitamin C. It is one of the essential elements for the health and beauty of our skin. It restores and energizes the skin, brightens the complexion, erases acne and sun spots, improves hydration, protects against free radicals and harmful environmental influences, and alleviates most signs of aging, such as wrinkles, lines and lifelessness. In short, skin that lacks vitamin C can become dry, gray and tired.

Vitamin C is naturally found in our skin. Aging, smoking, alcohol, environmental pollutants, birth control pills, sunbathing and other features of modern lifestyle greatly reduce its amount. Therefore, very little vitamin C is left to preserve the beauty of our skin, and we need it more and more as we age.

Ops Biotics+

What is less known is that we should introduce a product with vitamin C into skin care from a young age, and not just as part of anti-aging care. Namely, research shows that vitamin C is essential in skin care throughout life, and that it is advisable to start using it from teenage days.

Every skin, from young to mature, from normal to dry or oily, needs high concentrations of this essential antioxidant in the daily regimen of facial care. How is it best to use it? In the form of Ops Biotics C serum, whose full-spectrum vitamin C is obtained from the fruit of the rosehip, and comes in a concentration of 10 percent.

The vitamin C complex from the rosehip fruit is additionally strengthened with niacinamide, astaxanthin, tocopherol, MSM, hyaluronic panthenol and other beneficial nutrients, which makes this reparative serum a real vitamin bomb.

The best way to reap the benefits of vitamin C for the skin is to apply it directly to the skin. When we consume vitamin C "from the inside", less than 7 percent reaches the skin, and almost nothing reaches the outer layers. That's why Ops Biotics C serum is a fantastic solution to restore your freshness and youth.

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