Posjeta i donacija klubu roditelja djece oboljele i liječene od malignih bolesti "Sanus"

Visit and donation to the club of parents of children suffering from and treated for malignant diseases "Sanus"

Association "Sanus" is a club of parents of children suffering from and treated for malignant diseases, which has been operating for almost 30 years and successfully helps families of children suffering from the most serious diseases. Although the association was founded in Split, it works and gathers children with their families from all over Croatia, and we were certainly delighted by the invitation to contribute to their activities.

During their visit to Split, our colleagues Martina and Ksenija learned about charity work aimed at supporting and informing parents, improving the quality of treatment for sick children and helping them exercise their rights. On that occasion, appropriate products were left - natural preparations that help the body to strengthen its own immunity in order to fight against serious diseases more easily. The book "My Story" is the best indicator and cross-section of the efforts of the children who left dedicated letters, messages and drawings to all those who, in any form, make their days easier and happier.

We have decided to permanently support the activities of the Sanus Association and to do everything in our power to contribute to their long-term effort and work. We invite you to do the same.


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