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Scientists have proven the effectiveness of sweet wormwood against the coronavirus

Sweet wormwood, which is grown in Croatia, is effective against viruses, bacteria and all other pathogens that threaten the proper functioning of our body, and is found in the unique Macerat 14.

Humans and plants are connected on all dimensions in the ecosystem. Our world is a harmonious interweaving of subtle elements, where man has successfully used the intelligence of plants throughout his history.

The year 2020 showed new challenges for the world and people, but it also showed that plants provide humans with a strong defense mechanism against diseases. Sweet wormwood has shown antiviral activity before, in the fight against malaria and SARS-CoV-1. Despite all our efforts to slow down the virus with classical, synthetic drugs, despite the development of vaccines, it is still there - a constant, silent threat.

What is known in phytotherapy has been scientifically confirmed again and has been showing successful results for many years. Media around the world are reporting the news that scientists from Columbia University in New York, Washington University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute announced on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - extracts of sweet wormwood inhibit the reproduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the causative agent of the disease COVID-19.

Sweet Pelin

Macerat 14

Phytotherapist and apitherapist Mr. Ivo Bačlija he just decided sweet Pelin combine with black cumin oil to enhance its antiviral and antibacterial power. Sweet wormwood and black cumin oil work together successfully against viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens that threaten the proper functioning of our body. Macerate of sweet wormwood in cold-pressed black cumin oil represents the synergy of two plants, which are strong immunomodulators, so they are used in the fight against the most serious diseases.

Black cumin oil best extracts the best from sweet wormwood, such as artemisinin, camphor, carvacrol and leuteolin and stimulates the patrolling of immune system cells in search of invasive organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi) or abnormal cancer cells, and then triggers an increase in the activity of macrophages (cells that destroy abnormal cells) and helper T-cells that direct killer cells to their targets.

What does that mean? This means that in people who take black cumin there is a 55% increase in the activity of T-helper cells and a 35% increase in killer NK cells, which in synergy with the additional ingredient - sweet wormwood, makes a complete product for protection against coronavirus on a natural basis base.

On the other hand, artemisinin, quarcetin, carvacrol, camphor, luteolin from sweet wormwood become direct blockers of the initial stages of inflammation in almost all tissues and organs. Black cumin, in addition to suppressing dangerous chronic inflammation, also regulates proper immune function. The result is improved protection of the body against cancer and infections.

In other words, black cumin seed oil offers true immune system balancing, promoting healthy immune function when needed, while suppressing immune overactivity (inflammation) when harmful.

Black cumin and sweet wormwood together, in Macerat 14 , are definitely the best choice during the season of viral infections, but not only then.

Its protection is comprehensive, measurable and harmless.

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