During the processing of the shipment, the Customer receives a notification by e-mail about the status of his shipment.

The ordered items are sent by a convenient parcel service. Delivery is made according to the terms and conditions of the particular parcel service. All orders received on working days (Monday - Friday, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.) will be processed immediately. Orders received after 12:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be processed on the first next non-working day.

The products will be delivered to the address specified by the Customer in the delivery information. In the case of cash on delivery, the payment address must not be different from the package collection address. The customer must provide a valid delivery address, and the delivery method itself may vary depending on the product itself and the quantity of products ordered. The seller will choose the shipping method they think is best. Delivery is made to the entrance to the residential building at the specified address. If it is a residential building, the delivery person is not obliged to carry the goods to the floor where the Customer is located, but to the entrance of the building.

The products will be packed so that they cannot be damaged by normal handling during transport. When picking up the product, the customer is obliged to check for possible damage and immediately report it to the delivery worker who delivered the package, or refuse to pick up a shipment with visible external damage. The products are insured against loss during delivery.

During delivery, along with the purchased product, the Customer is obliged to receive an invoice and a confirmation or delivery note about the receipt of the shipment, which he is obliged to sign, and which the delivery service takes as a confirmation of receipt. By signing the confirmation of receipt of the shipment, it is considered that the product has been received without visible external damage.

The shipping cost for all orders over €40.00 (refers to the amount of the entire order after all calculated discounts and entered codes), which were made through our official online store, is free for the whole of Croatia. The cost of delivery for all orders less than €40.00 (refers to the amount of the entire order after all calculated discounts and entered codes) is €3.98 for the whole of Croatia. Delivery prices for certain countries of the European Union are highlighted on the website and include the corresponding VAT.

Products that have been paid for in accordance with the submitted offer will be delivered to the customer within 1 to 3 working days within the Republic of Croatia (except the islands and the Dubrovnik region, depending on the ferry schedule). We reserve the right to delay delivery within 10 working days, although this happens very rarely (in cases where, for example, we have a large load or the delivery person cannot deliver the shipment on time). In the event that the purchased product is not able to be delivered within the specified period, either for reasons on the part of the Seller or for reasons on the part of the delivery service, the Seller will inform the Buyer immediately upon learning of this in order to agree on a new delivery period. In this case, the Buyer has the right to terminate the Agreement.

If the products are sold out, the Seller will try to replenish the stock as soon as possible. If several products are ordered, the Seller does not guarantee that they will all arrive in the same package, but reserves the right to send the products separately, in case it is necessary.


In the case of damage, which occurred during transport, when it is visible on the packaging or immediately after opening the packaging, it is necessary immediately to notify the courier when picking up the shipment or subsequently to the Seller with all the detailsafter determined the error (within 24 hours from the day of receipt of the shipment) to e-mail: The seller is not obliged to accept notices and complaints that are delivered outside the time frame of 24 hours from the day of receipt of the shipment.

The customer has the right to exchange or return the goods within 15 days in the following cases:
- delivery of goods that were not ordered (the delivered product is different from the one the Customer bought or the quantity does not correspond to the ordered one)
- delivery of goods that have a fault or damage that did not occur during transport
- the right to return without giving a reason

The seller will approve the exchange or return of the goods to the buyer after receiving a justified complaint by e-mail, telephone or in writing (with instructions for returning the goods). In case of inability to deliver other goods, the Seller will compensate the Buyer for the value of the goods that he is no longer able to deliver in the amount of the paid price of the product.

The costs of returning the product are borne by the Customer.

The buyer is obliged to return the delivered products in the condition in which they were delivered to him and in the original packaging (commercial packaging in which the goods were delivered) with the receipt.

In the event that the Buyer by mistake or mistake orders the product/s different from the ones he wanted, the Seller will exchange the product for the Buyer (only if the products are unopened and unused by the Buyer) at the Buyer's request and cost of delivery (in cases where the total value of new products less than €40.00) with additional charge, i.e. refund in case of possible cost differences.

Ownership of the product/s passes to the Buyer only when the Seller receives full payment, including shipping costs. From the moment of taking ownership of the product, and in case the Buyer wants to return / replace the product for any reason, he is obliged to take care of the product with the practice of a good steward.

If the delivery conditions stated in this public announcement do not suit the Buyer, the Buyer is not obliged to make the purchase, but in case of making the purchase, the Seller considers that the Buyer has read the given terms and agreed with them.

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