Matičnjak bestselleri u veledrogeriji Medika

Maticnjak bestsellers in the wholesale drug store Medika

Matičnjak's bestsellers in the distribution channel of the wholesale drugstore with tradition - Medika!

Following the same business guidelines of tradition and quality, we are recognized in the wholesale channel of the Medika system. We are extremely pleased to be able to inform you that the pharmacy system has recently been able to be supplied via the Matičnjak wholesale channel.

Medika is the oldest and leading wholesale drugstore in Croatia, whose core activity is the sale and storage and distribution of human and veterinary drugs, medical products, equipment and dental aids, dietary, cosmetic, hygiene and other products intended for the health market.

Accordingly, Medika supplies pharmacies, healthcare institutions, hospitals, health centers, clinics, surgeries, wholesalers and specialized stores with the widest range of products. Relying on tradition, but also on an innovative approach in everyday business, Medika sets new standards in the quality of service, thus retaining the title of market leader for over five decades.

A wholesale drug store with tradition

Look for our bestsellers in pharmacies Macerat 14 , Black cumin oil , Sikavic granulate , Fenugreek plus you Sikavic oil .

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