„Matičnjak“ kao dio promocije lokalnih OPG-ova u jeku turističke sezone u Biogradu na Moru

"Matičnjak" as part of the promotion of local OPGs in the height of the tourist season in Biograd na Moru

At the multi-week event "Biograd Summer" 2022, which brings together different exhibitors every year, we were one of the exhibitors in the period from July 25 to 28. We would like to thank all our loyal customers, visitors and organizers.

As it was for us, complete news from the field is provided by the portal Karlovački.hr, whose article we are transmitting in its entirety:

"During the tourist season in Biograd na Moru, a fair of local producers' products is held, and producers from one of the counties are presented every week. Last week, producers from the Vukovar-Srijem County were presented, and this week in the City Central Park, the local products of OPG residents from the Karlovac County are presented. The prefect of Martina Furdek Hajdin also gave them support and visited them on Wednesday, July 27.

Valuable producers of OPG Tomica Mance, Matičnjak Sativa doo, OPG Damir Kovačević, OPG Turkalj, Venit Result and OPG Tomislav Jovković presented their products and made it possible for all interested visitors to taste and buy.

The county woman emphasized the importance of cooperation with local self-government units of other counties in order to better promote local producers, above all, to develop the economy. She praised the producers for their engagement and wished them successful work and sales of all the products they brought. She thanked the City of Biograd na Moru and the Tourist Board for the opportunity to present continental products at the height of the tourist season, which shows the diversity and wealth of our homeland.

The director of the Regional Tourist Board of Karlovac County, Željko Fanjak, and the temporary head of the Management Board for the Economy Branka Šeketa Karlović and their colleagues expressed their support.

The mayor of the City of Biograd na Moru, Ivan Knez, accompanied the županica through the fair, accompanied by Nives Jeličić, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Biograd na Moru.

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