Marijana Blažić – dobitnica državne nagrade za popularizaciju i promidžbu znanosti u 2021. godini

Marijana Blažić – winner of the state award for the popularization and promotion of science in 2021

We are proud and very proud because our dear colleague , Marijana Blažić achieved another great success. Namely, Professor Blažić worked closely with us during the release of our new cosmetic line of herbal care, which is primarily based on probiotics. Prof. Blažić, otherwise a doctor of biotechnical sciences, received her doctorate on the topic "Application of β-galactosidase and probiotic bacteria in the production of functional fermented dairy products", so she helped us with her expertise as a lecturer at this year's Pharma Academy , where we visited four Croatian cities - Zagreb, Split , Osijek and Rijeka, held a lecture on "NUTRICEUTICS AND NUTRICOSMETICS - GREAT ROOM FOR THE GROWTH OF INNOVATION ON THE BACK OF SCIENCE" to masters and masters of pharmacy.

Professor Blažić is this year's winner of the state award for the popularization and promotion of science in the field of biotechnical sciences in 2021, so we would like to congratulate her on her success and another well-deserved recognition. Prof. Blažić is especially dear to us because of her passion and enthusiasm that she brings to her work and motivates us to be better and more innovative, all according to the principles of good profession and science.

The entire article from the official website of KAZUP ( is transmitted in its entirety:

Marijana Blažić is this year's winner of the state award for the popularization and promotion of science in the field of biotechnical sciences in 2021, and the prefect Martina Furdek Hajdin congratulated her on the prestigious award.

At the reception at the prefect's house, there were the dean of the Polytechnic in Karlovac, Ivan Štedul and Marijana Blažić, who presented her work and participation in numerous projects.

Dean Ivan Štedul emphasized that Marijana Blažić is the first winner of the state award at the Polytechnic, thus expressing his satisfaction with this achievement and his support for future work.

Mayor Martina Furdek Hajdin expressed her pride at the award and emphasized that behind every award lies great work, effort and sacrifice. She congratulated her on the award with a gift as a sign of attention and expressed her satisfaction that we have such quality people who, through their work, promote Karlovac County and the Polytechnic.

Every year, the Republic of Croatia awards state awards for science to people who have achieved important achievements in scientific research activities, for the expansion of scientific knowledge and for scientific achievements in the application of the results of scientific research work, and they are awarded to scientists, researchers and scientific recruits.

According to the results of the Committee for the distribution of state awards for science, a decision was made on 32 winners for 2021, among whom was Marijana Blažić, an employee of the Polytechnic in Karlovac.

dr. sc. Marijana Blažić has been employed at the Polytechnic since 2007, where for the last 9 years she has held the position of head of the Department of Food Technology. During her work at the Polytechnic in Karlovac, in addition to her teaching activities, her work was visible through scientific activity as well as numerous international activities.

Due to a series of activities during 2021, in which she presented valuable scientific results to the wider professional public and food producers, which significantly contributed to the reputation and promotion of the food profession.

During 2021, she wrote a chapter in the scientific-professional book "Some of the possibilities of using by-products of the food industry - book 3" and was a member of the scientific committee of the 13th international scientific-professional meeting "Food for Health". Also, during 2021, it implemented several projects: "Knowledge Atrium", financed from the European Fund for Regional Development, which improved the capacities for research, development and innovation of the Polytechnic in Karlovac, the project "Modification of the cheese ripening process and development of whey-based products - SIRENA" and the Erasmus+ K2 project "MILK-ed". During 2021, she wrote several articles in the daily press about selected dairy products for the purpose of popularizing them, and participated in several radio and TV shows where she talked about her projects.

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