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BASIC SKIN package - 15%

BASIC SKIN package - 15%

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Everything a healthy skin needs

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Use daily before regular day or night care. This serum comes in a low-viscosity form so that the skin can absorb it quickly and use all the effective ingredients. It is not intended for skin care, but for active rejuvenating and powerful skin detox. Tip: Use vitamin C once a day and avoid using vitamin C with AHA, BHA or retinol.


Use daily as a normal daily routine. It is suitable as a make-up base because it is quickly absorbed, does not shine and does not oil the skin, and hydrates and protects the body all day.


One teaspoon of oil 2-3 times a day, alone or with a meal.

▪ Suitable for daily use, on its own before a meal or as a dietary supplement thanks to its mild, pleasant taste. Although it is not intended for heat treatment in order to preserve the specific composition of cold-pressed oil, it can be a real gourmet challenge: it is excellent in salads, meals with rice and other cereals. It can be added to soups, sauces, spreads, mayonnaise, desserts.

▪ It is preferable to apply it directly to the skin of the face and body because it nourishes and moisturizes the skin and does not close the pores. After a massage with hemp oil, the skin becomes soft, silky, and it is a natural skin care product that nourishes the skin in depth and improves blood circulation.

▪ It can be taken on its own before a meal (as well as wild flax oil) or as a dietary supplement.

Method of storage and notes

Store at room temperature

Keep hemp oil in the refrigerator after opening.

▪ Hemp oil has no intoxicating effect.
▪ Applicable for pregnant and lactating women, and during intake it is necessary to drink large amounts of water as compensation.

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BASIC SKIN package for healthy and beautiful skin to stay that way from teenage days – forever! This package contains everything that healthy skin needs from teenage days onwards - "inside" and outside.


Vitamin C - serum

Vitamin C from the rosehip will provide strong protection for the skin, so that it can function smoothly. Vitamin C - serum in daily care will stimulate circulation, so the transfer of oxygen, vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the skin cells will be at its maximum. All this means that the skin will shine, spots and acne will be erased, and with the synthesis of collagen, wrinkles and fine lines will become imperceptible. Few active substances can achieve all that, but that's exactly why Vitamin C - the serum is widely recognized - because it can do it all. Apply this medicinal serum ONLY once a day (in a thin layer), in the morning or in the evening, on clean facial skin.


3-biotic microbiome protective cream

Prebiotic, probiotic, postbiotic, silymarin and olive leaf in a protective face care cream.  This wonderful cream protects the skin's immunity and provides hydration for 12 hours! It is a light care that does not shine, does not grease and constantly restores the skin's balance. It builds, replenishes and supports the health of the biotic skin system. In this way, it modulates the skin's immune response at all levels. It reduces inflammation (visible and invisible to the eye), redness and sensitivity of the skin. And not least, care with a biotic system enhances the action of all active substances from the routine (it personalizes the routine). Apply the 3-biotic cream morning and evening after the serum.


HPU hemp

Two teaspoons of cold-pressed hemp oil daily in the diet bring many benefits to our skin "from the inside". In this way, we supplement the diet with unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3), vitamin E and numerous other phytochemicals and full-spectrum nutrients. Cold-pressed hemp oil provides the body with natural protection and vitality. It balances the body and strengthens immunity and regulates hormones. Omega acids build the skin from the inside - they are actually the building blocks of each of our cells. With the daily consumption of HPU hemp, all this is maintained at the level of energy, focus, skin, hair and nails.


Rutiner Ops Biotics


100% love, 0% chemistry

Maticnjak domestic production of 100% natural products and plant extracts. Experience the power of nature in its original form!

For all questions regarding Matičnjak product and its use, please feel free to contact us on 099 532 6688, and all related questions Ops Biotics+ skin care lines on 099 8004 726.

Can't find your medicinal herb? - Ask a phytotherapist .


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