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Macerate 01 in black cumin oil 200ml

Macerate 01 in black cumin oil 200ml

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Fennel, basil, nettle, chokeberry and ginger in black cumin oil / to strengthen the immune system

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The dried parts of these five plants amount to 20% of the macerate by volume:

• Fennel
• Basil
• Nettles
• Aronia
• Ginger

Cold pressed black cumin oil - 80%


One teaspoon before meals (2-3 times a day)

Method of storage and notes

In a dark and cool place up to 20°C.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12 years old; application of fennel fruit in children under 4 years of age with consultation with a pediatrician.

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Macerate 01 is an oil preparation in which fennel, basil, nettle, chokeberry and ginger are steeped in black cumin oil.

Black cumin seeds and the oil obtained from them by cold pressing regulate immunity - the research suggests that black cumin increases the activity of T-lymphocytes and NK cells, which create a natural defense mechanism against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

By taking two teaspoons a day, you get the best of this carefully selected herb. 

For six weeks, the plants are immersed in cold-pressed black cumin oil , which "binds" to itself, that is, macerates their healing properties. Black cumin oil combines the effects of these five medicinal plants in the best way, because it is the only oil that, by cold pressing, releases essential oil, such as thymoquinone , which has an immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect. 

What science says

Various studies have investigated the interesting actions of black cumin seeds and we have highlighted the following:

Protects against allergic reactions and regulates asthma – according to studies, the thymoquinone molecule supports lung function by dilating the bronchi and relieving asthma symptoms (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Regulate sugar and cholesterol levels - research shows that black cumin oil increases the secretion of insulin from the beta-cell of the pancreas, while thymoquinone lowers bad cholesterol and blood glucose levels (6, 7, 8, 9)

Promote healthy skin, hair and nails – researchers state that this effect is achieved by the fact that black cumin provides the body with an abundance of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants (10)

They regulate immunity - the conclusion of the research is that black cumin increases the activity of T-lymphocytes and NK cells, which create a natural defense mechanism against viruses, bacteria and fungi (11,12,13,14,15).

Relieve the symptoms of gastritis and stomach infections thanks to their strong immunomodulatory effect (16)

A study conducted by Mukherjee et al. In 2005, it was shown that basil leaf essential oil can improve cellular and humoral immunity. Cellular immunity does not involve the production of antibodies, while antibodies are produced in the case of humoral immunity. Basil leaves can help strengthen the immune system by creating antibodies and releasing mediators (17.)Basil leaves can help control stress. Basil leaves can have good rejuvenating activity that can help the body to relax and reduce stress. It can also help improve memory. Basil leaves can control stress due to its antihypoxic effect - the ability to reduce stress due to oxidation in the body (17). 

With a history of more than 2000 years, nettle has been used as a natural medicine for centuries (18). It is believed that toxins in the body system cause chronic inflammation, such as skin and arthritic disorders, and that nettle, with its alkalinity, neutralizes acids and excretes toxins through urine (19). Nettle has a purifying astringent effect on blood and skin diseases (19). As a diuretic, nettle can help quickly eliminate toxins neutralized in the body (19). It can improve the efficiency of absorption of nutrients and guarantee the smooth running of digestive processes, preventing the accumulation of toxic toxins (20). It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which supports the kidneys in removing toxins from the body (20). 

Aronia is an abundant source of phenolic compounds, including procyanidins, anthocyanins, phenolic acids and their analogues (21,22). All of these are powerful bioactive antioxidants (21,22) that play a role in maintaining health. 

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+Information and statements are for educational purposes and should not replace your doctor's advice.


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