Crni kim, med i arapski konji

Black cumin, honey and Arabian horses

Since ancient times, black cumin seed oil has been used for a reason as a folk medicine around the world for the prevention and treatment of numerous disease states of the body, and today science confirms what was suspected.

Today, we know a lot about the medicinal preparations of black cumin, above all the cold-pressed oil from this seed. Its medicinal powers have been known for thousands of years by the Arabs, who added these seeds to the food of their otherwise fast horses before the race. Already several thousand years ago, they noticed that horses run faster after such a meal, and today we know that the active ingredient of black cumin - thymoquinone, among others dilates the bronchi .

Over time, athletes began to use it, and today it is mostly used by allergy sufferers, people suffering from asthma and bronchitis, as well as diabetics. However, black cumin offers many more benefits for our body.

Medicinal effects and preparations from black cumin seeds

Since ancient times, black cumin seed oil has been used for a reason as a folk medicine around the world for the prevention and treatment of numerous disease states of the body, and today science confirms what was suspected. The active substances in the seeds help maintain homeostasis – the balance necessary for survival and healing.

Black cumin ( Nigella sativa ) besides having a very beneficial composition of unsaturated fatty acids for health, also contains biological PE systemically and locally. Strong antioxidant potential in the body protects against oxidative deterioration of the cell membrane, thereby preventing the deterioration of damaged liver, kidney, lung, prostate, colon and other tissues. Thymoquinone therapy also has an analgesic effect because it promotes the morphological recovery of neurodegenerative nerves, which alleviates the symptoms of, for example, sciatica, and at the same time restores nerve tissue.

The antitumor effect of thymoquinone is a consequence of its effect on regulatory proteins of the cell cycle, it stops the cell cycle and thus causes the growth of tumor cells to stop. It is important to know that black cumin helps our body to produce more so-called T – lymphocytes, large white blood cells that destroy everything abnormal and mutated. When we say that black cumin has a very favorable composition of unsaturated fatty acids for health, we actually want to emphasize its great anti-inflammatory role, because cold-pressed black cumin oil is one of the few that contains more anti-inflammatory alpha linoleic polyunsaturated fatty acid (omega 3) compared to the also essential , but still pro-inflammatory linoleic, omega 6. Thus, cold-pressed black cumin oil protects us from inflammatory processes such as asthma, bronchitis, gastritis, colitis, dermatitis, psoriasis and other "itis".

Back in 2012, the almighty "Efsa" confirmed that black cumin oil lowers blood glucose levels, and this is explained by the fact that this oil lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, which can reduce the absorption of glucose into the cell through the cell wall.

A quick, nutritional bomb

However, black cumin seeds are mostly used naturally sweetened with with honey . Honey to which black cumin seed powder has been added is fast nutritional bomb . Fast because it is rich in fructose and glucose, sugars that most quickly promote digestion and absorption of active ingredients into the blood, nutritious because it contains a wide range of micro and macronutrients and various protective biologically active compounds. Although the exact therapeutic mechanisms of action are still being discussed and debated, these pharmacological effects have indeed been confirmed in numerous scientific studies.

By using black cumin seeds in your diet, clean your airways, prevent the accumulation of mucus, enable better breathing, increase the activity of the defense system, especially in the lung tissue, and achieve the highest levels of T-lymphocytes and NK-cells in the body during the hottest winter. Namely, these cells are the carriers of the immune system and the first line of defense against various viral, bacterial and fungal infections, and since black cumin seed powder significantly stimulates their growth and activity, with black cumin you can be sure that the flu will bypass you this winter or just brush you off .

Interest in medicinal plants has been growing for a reason in recent years, and today more and more people are finding solutions to their health problems in nature. We were looking for a reasonable and expedient way to preserve nutrients from plants without over-processing so that they do not lose their original medicinal and nutritional values ​​and ingredients.

That's how they came about functional honeys .

Phytotherapist Ivo Bačlija, Matičnjak sativa doo

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