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Detox Juice

Detox Juice

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Detox mješavina ljekovitog bilja i voća nudi osvježenje i resetiranje tvojeg tijela. Preporuča Matičnjak.

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Sastojci u preporučenoj dnevnoj dozi (15g):

Prah liofiliziranog ploda jabuke - 4 g
Prah liofiliziranog ploda ananasa - 2 g
Ekstrakt lista velike koprive - 1,5 g
Prah ploda jabuke - 3 g
Ekstrakt ploda zelene šljive - 1,5 g
Prah ploda indijske smokve - 1,5 g
Prah ploda nonija - 1,5 g

prah liofiliziranog ploda jabuke (Malus domestica), prah ploda jabuke (Malus domestica), prah liofiliziranog ploda ananasa (Ananas comosus), ekstrakt lista velike koprive (Urtica dioica), ekstrakt ploda zelene šljive (Prunus domestica), prah ploda indijske smokve (Opuntia ficus indica), prah ploda nonija (Morinda citrifolia).


Sadržaj vrećice (15 g) otopiti u pola čaše vode (1-2 dl) i popiti jednom dnevno.

Method of storage and notes

Čuvati od dohvata male djece. Dodatak prehrani nije nadomjestak ili zamjena uravnoteženoj prehrani. Preporučene dnevne doze ne smiju se prekoračiti. Važno je pridržavati se uravnotežene i raznovrsne prehrane i zdravog načina života.

Ne preporučuje se uzimanje duže od 4 tjedna u kontinuitetu. Osobe koje uzimaju lijekove trebaju se prije uzimanja posavjetovati s liječnikom. Ne preporučuje se osobama sa šećernom bolesti, trudnicama i dojiljama.

Uvjeti čuvanja
Na suhom mjestu, pri temperaturi do 25°C.

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Quantity of bags
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If you have noticed that it is difficult for you to stay focused and enthusiastic, that you are overwhelmed and that your body is ruled by negative vibrations, it is time to cleanse. Beneficial herbs and fruits from this natural blend will help you reset and refresh. Whenever you feel strained and tired, reach for these natural helpers.

Detox & Cleanser blend – natural plant-fruit powder is a dietary supplement containing fruit, nettle, cactus (Indian fig) and noni.

Indian fig/cactus contributes to the maintenance of body mass, and nettle contributes to cleansing the body.

Net quantity
1 bag (15g), 3 bags (45g), 5 bags (75g)

What does it contain? Freeze-dried apple fruit, freeze-dried pineapple fruit, natural nettle extract, apple fruit powder, natural green plum extract, powdered cactus fruit, natural noni extract.

What are the benefits? Cleansing the body - pineapple contains enzymes that break down proteins and stimulate the intestines, nettle blocks the accumulation of toxins, cactus stimulates microcirculation in the tissues and eliminates fat from the intestines

Nettle has a grounding function. What does that mean? It can help with decision-making, as it relaxes and clears the mind.

Who is it intended for? To everyone except pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with diabetes.

When to use it? In the afternoon, the reason for this is as follows – it calms the adrenal gland, which then reduces the secretion of cortisol. This should be done in the afternoon when naturally the cortisol level should be lower.

How long should it be consumed? A break is recommended after 4 weeks of continuous consumption due to the presence of nettles.

Ingredients description

Lyophilised apple powder contains a large amount of antioxidants and vitamin C. In addition, they contain many different fibers and phytonutrients, but they also mainly contain malic and citric acid. All of them promote metabolism and participate in the construction of tissues and cells. At the same time, the consumption of freeze-dried apples helps to remove excess salt and water from the body, thereby lowering blood pressure. In addition, it helps lower cholesterol and relieve migraines. 

Behind the incredible aroma of freeze-dried pineapple lies its unique ability to strengthen the immune and energy status. Freeze-dried pineapple is just as good as fresh fruit, and even better because of its rich flavor. Freeze-dried pineapple, like fresh, is rich in nutrients such as vitamins of group A, B, C, P, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and organic acids. Pineapple stimulates digestion and supports the immune system, and its consumption is reflected in the beauty and health of the skin, nails and hair. In this blend, pineapple found its place due to its taste, nutritional status but also the unique content of bromelain – a group of digestive enzymes that break down proteins and stimulate the work of the intestines; which clean the intestines and remove harmful substances from the body; and which increase the activity of enzymes and the increase of energy, which all together stimulate metabolic processes in the body. 

Nettle extract powder made from the leaves and roots of medicinal nettle soothes shocks in the body, calms the liver, blocks the accumulation of toxins and detoxifies the body. Nettle has a long medicinal history in phytotherapy, it is used as a diuretic (freeing the body of excess water) and for the treatment of painful and strained muscles and joints. It is also used for urinary tract infections, hay fever (allergic rhinitis). It is particularly interesting to look back at the authentic function of nettle - grounding in this blend. As a plant essence, nettle can help with decision-making, as it relaxes and clears the mind. It has a calming effect, clears up brain fog and helps in making clear and specific decisions. Nettle promotes a sense of grounding when we are overwhelmed. Nettle essence can also help heal unresolved tensions. Nettle also promotes better, soothing and recuperative sleep. Nettle, as a tonic, improves the overall functioning of the body by supplying the body with strength. The specific healing properties of nettle that we mentioned earlier (grounding, relaxation, clarity of mind) occur because nettle restores the kidneys and adrenal gland (located on the upper surface of the kidneys), is a diuretic (flushes out toxins), purifies the blood (liver and kidneys), astringent and anti-inflammatory action, so we free up free space for thoughts and mind for clear cognition. Overall, nettle helps the body heal wounds (mental and physical) by promoting cell growth and repair. 

Dried apple is rich in vitamin B2, which normalizes the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, helps with depression, relieves insomnia and improves digestion. It found its place in this Detox blend precisely because of the B2 content and its characteristics. On the other hand, its sensory profile is fantastic due to the taste (sweetness) and density (fiber) it provides to this blend. 

Green plum powder - EXTRACT, is rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, organic acids and inorganic salts. Generally speaking, the content of organic acids in ripe fruits of green plums is 3% to 6%, which is more than in ordinary fruits. Moreover, the organic acids contained in green plums are mainly citric acid and malic acid, which can improve lymph flow and quench thirst, and remove our fatigue. We all know that citric acid is excellent for our human body and that it is an indispensable acid in the metabolism of our human cells. It can promote the breakdown of lactic acid in our body into carbon dioxide so that we will not feel tired, and the absorption of calcium increases. Its role in the aging of the organism is interesting. Namely, when consumed, green plum stimulates the salivary glands to secrete more hormones of the parotid gland, which consequently stimulates the rejuvenation of blood vessels and body tissues, and results in better cell metabolism and slowing down the aging of cells and tissues. Since green plum is a strong alkaline food, it can regulate the acid-base balance in our body, which is very good and desirable for our body. 

Cactus fruit powder, also known as Indian fig, is rich in nutrients, contains malic acid, hyaluronic acid, tartaric acid, resin, proteins, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron , magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and zinc. Cactus fruit removes excess sugar, fat and cholesterol from the body, effectively expels toxins from the body and accelerates metabolism. The most important function of the cactus in this blend is to stimulate microcirculation in the tissues. Microcirculation consists of a network of small blood vessels (small arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules and small veins) that establish a border with the interstitium and lymphatic vessels, a functionally connected triad that cooperates in maintaining tissue homeostasis. Tissue nutrition itself occurs at the capillary interface through a combination of three mechanisms: filtration of nutrients containing plasma fluid; diffusion of gases; and pinocytosis of macromolecular nutrients. Waste products are removed by venules, small veins and lymphatic channels, the last of which also prevents the accumulation of interstitial fluid and the development of edema. This delicate balance can play an important role in the progression of critical diseases and plays a role in the development of organ dysfunction, thus many cardiac, vascular, renal, metabolic, and even neuropsychiatric conditions are associated with microvascular dysfunction. It is interesting that this plant is often consumed precisely for hangovers. Another important function of the cactus is the elimination of fats from the intestines - binding them to itself and excreting excess fats out of the body. And thirdly, the cactus fruit contains indicaxanthin – a compound that, if consumed regularly, reduces the intensity and frequency of headaches and migraines. 

Modern medical research has confirmed that it contains more than 275 types of nutrients. It contains 14 types of vitamins, 16 types of minerals, as well as various amino acids and antioxidants that the human body needs. It also contains polysaccharides, as well as 17 types of rare iridoids which are very important for human health. Therefore, Noni has a very powerful natural asset, as well as preventive and therapeutic medical value. Noni has strong reductivity and can increase the body's physical energy by inhibiting free radicals, resist fatigue and improve the vitality of human cells. Noni fruit contains medium tannins and polysaccharides, which can improve the vitality of phagocytic cells in the human body. Phagocytes can eliminate abnormal cells in the body, flush out toxins, and are important for regulating the immune system. It activates the function of human brain cells, to achieve the effect of improving the brain nervous system, and also has a very good effect on improving human sleep and improving memory. Since the main elements in noni fruit promote cell metabolism and speed up the consumption of body fat, it ultimately has a good effect on the regeneration of new cells.

100% love, 0% chemistry

Maticnjak domestic production of 100% natural products and plant extracts. Experience the power of nature in its original form!

For all questions regarding Matičnjak product and its use, please feel free to contact us on 099 532 6688, and all related questions Ops Biotics+ skin care lines on 099 8004 726.

Can't find your medicinal herb? - Ask a phytotherapist .


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