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Milk thistle granules 250g

Milk thistle granules 250g

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Silymarin in its most original form, a dietary supplement to help the liver and the whole organism

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100% raw granulate of peeled milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum)


One teaspoon (5g) 2 times a day, alone or in a glass of water, juice, smoothie, yogurt or porridge.

Method of storage and notes

A dietary supplement is not a substitute or substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. People taking medication should consult a doctor before taking it.

Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

Store in a dark and dry place up to 25°C.

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Milk thistle granulate is a completely natural product from the seeds (fruit) of milk thistle from domestic organic cultivation, with as much as 140 mg of silymarin in 10 grams of milk thistle granulate.

The power of milk thistle granules is in the complete silymarin complex, and it is known to help efficiently restore damaged hepatocytes and keep them healthy for a long time.

Silymarin is even 10 times stronger antioxidant than vitamin E. In addition to protecting the body's cells from oxidative shock, silymarin increases by 35% the level of another important antioxidant - glutathione, which is responsible for cleaning the liver of toxins, which enables the liver to clean the blood, activates dopamine receptors and forms the basis of the healthy production of serotonin - the hormone of happiness .

  • natural source of vitamin E (400mg/kg)
  • high content of unsaturated fatty acids
  • protects, nourishes and strengthens the liver
  • supports the proper functioning of the metabolism
  • maintains a normal level of cholesterol in the blood

With pure mechanical processing, we preserved all the nutrients of this fantastic plant, and with just two teaspoons a day, you have a completely natural source of the highest quality silymarin.

It does not contain allergens, additives, preservatives and artificial colors. Made with 100% love, 0% chemistry .


Silymarin: the active ingredient of sycamore that helps repair damaged liver cells from alcohol and other toxic substances, stimulating protein synthesis. It has been proven that it restores liver cells (hepatoprotective effect) and stimulates their growth and protects the liver from harmful side effects of medical drugs. Silymarin binds dangerous chemicals, alcohol and heavy metals and removes them from the body.

In addition to protecting the body's cells from oxidative shock, silymarin increases glutathione levels (an important compound for improving liver function and cleansing it of toxins) in the liver for even 35% , whose antioxidant effect contributes to liver health.

Glutathione levels drop if we are exposed to high levels of toxins on a daily basis. Activates dopamine receptors and forms the basis of healthy serotonin production - hormone of happiness .

What science says

  • Milk thistle contains a group of plant substances known as the silymarin complex and is known to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects (1,2,3).
  • It is regularly used as a complementary therapy by people who have liver damage due to conditions such as alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis (4,5,6). It can also help liver damage caused by more serious diseases (7,8,9,10).
  • Sikavica can be useful as a complementary therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes (11). It was recently confirmed that people who routinely took sikavica experienced significant reductions in fasting blood sugar and HbA1c (12).
  • Due to its antioxidant and strong anti-inflammatory effect, sikavica can be a useful dietary supplement for people with acne. A study showed that people who took silymarin every day for 8 weeks reduced the number of acne lesions by as much as 53% (13).
  • Sikavica promotes bone mineralization and prevents loss of bone tissue (14,15). Researchers suggest that it may be a useful therapy to prevent bone loss in menopausal women (16,17).
  • Sikavica can help prevent age-related decline in brain function (18,19).
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Questions and answers

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Milk thistle in discount packages

Sikavica granulate is an indispensable part of Matičnjak dedicated product packages recommended by phytotherapist Iva Bačlija :

  • HEALTHY LIVER package for the protection of the key organ for the proper functioning of the body with sikavica, black cumin and hemp
  • DETOX package with three preparations that make an excellent cure for thorough cleaning
  • ANTI-PARASITE package with products that will make life miserable and destroy the lives of pests, while restoring your health and energy
  • SLIM package it provides a sufficient amount of energy and nutrients that will keep you full, while providing enough calories and nutrients

100% love, 0% chemistry

Maticnjak domestic production of 100% natural products and plant extracts. Experience the power of nature in its original form!

For all questions regarding Matičnjak product and its use, please feel free to contact us on 099 532 6688, and all related questions Ops Biotics+ skin care lines on 099 8004 726.

Can't find your medicinal herb? - Ask a phytotherapist .


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Granulat sikavice 250g

Granulat sikavica pakiranje

Bilo bi lijepo da za kontinuiranu uporabu imate veća pakiranja i bolju cijenu kada je pakiranje veće. Supruga i ja koristimo stalno i ovo nam je malo skupo a 250 gr nestane za tren. Konkurencija ima bolje cijene i za sada kupujemo ipak kod vas zbog vjere u kvalitetu. Želja mi je da bude dostupnije cjenovno da mogu i dalje kupovati kao i nešto niži iznos kupovine za besplatnu dostavu.

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Granulat sikavice 250g

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Granulat sikavice

Odličan je, lako se konzumira i kombinuje sa jogurtom ili sokovima.

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Odličan proizvod, transaminaze padaju :)

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