Inspired by the plant world, we have been creating powerful herbal formulations for years. Despite the challenges that daily work with medicinal plants brings and finding their best solutions, believing that we have met at least a part of that incredible botanical world, we dared to take another brave step, that microstep that combines plants and beauty. Therefore, we are proud to present to you the result of long-term cooperation between man and plants, which we are now passing on to you with innovative, almost magical technologies. We stored that herbal magic in glass amber bottles to preserve all the properties of our collaborators – these living, wayward and medicinal plants, our selfless teachers and, fortunately, our most faithful therapists. The innovative formulations of the Ops Biotics+ brand are mainly focused on the following: stimulation of EFG (epidermal growth factor), indirect creation of new skin, discovery of the reach of intelligent active substances when recognizing the condition of the skin, and activation of its cellular molecular signaling and communication.

The concept of the Ops Biotics+ brand is innovative because it does not fight the aging process of the skin, but by decoding it encourages the skin to carry out its own anti-aging effect, a fundamental principle in individual skin care. Ops Biotics+ opens the door to innovations and novelties, and in addition to proven active substances (vitamin c, niacinamide, aha acids), it also gives a chance to active ingredients that have enormous potential in regulating the biomechanical properties of the skin. In that category there is the valued sikavica extract (silymarin), olive leaf extract, CBD, peptides, ceramides, prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics.

Believing in the connection of medicinal plants with the earth, water and the entire ecosystem, while using only natural solutions, we close the cycle of responsible production, leaving minimal "imprints" on the environment. In this way, in addition to harmonizing the principles of nature and the entire ecosystem, the fundamental base of the natural cosmetics line of the Ops Biotics+ brand was created.




The active probiotic line with a triple complex (prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic) and sycamore extract creates surface protection against UV-induced aging (photo-aging) and air and environmental pollution; helps strengthen the microflora in the skin structure and thus reduce water loss (TEWL) due to poor or insufficient function of the lipid layer. The 3-biotic system completely closes the circle of protection: it helps maintain and improve skin immunity and maintain the microbiome as a basic protection and anti-aging factor. Deeply nourishes and helps speed up skin renewal and boost new, healthy skin. Prebiotics and postbiotics have an anti-inflammatory effect, thus influencing the growth of the skin (growth factor), which results in rejuvenated and visibly more beautiful skin. The skin will soon be firmer and smoother with reduced visible wrinkles.

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How to really reduce (visible) skin inflammations, correct redness, balance secretions and even out skin tone? How to calm problematic skin and direct it to proper work, optimal secretion and, ultimately, a beautiful appearance?

A double action is needed: to soothe and to reprogram. CBD, on which numerous scientific studies are conducted, has a surprisingly positive effect on calming and minimizing inflammatory processes, as well as on cleaning the skin.

We consider it almost indispensable in the care of problematic sensitive skin, knowing that the most powerful characteristics of CBD are the regulation of sebum secretion and the reduction of inflammation.

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A pure anti-aging approach - from hydration, to achieving volume, taut and elastic skin, as well as a strong barrier - is exactly what this irreplaceable combination gives us: omegas and ceramides.

OMEGA fatty acids 3-6-9 act as builders in skin cells, strengthening the skin barrier, i.e. its lipid layer, which results in a smooth, taut and even tone. By strengthening the surface layer of the skin, omega fatty acids prevent trans-epidermal water loss, keeping hydration in the skin. In short, omega fatty acids rejuvenate the skin.

CERAMIDES are binders, but also building materials that keep the cells of our skin connected. They have an incredible ability to form a strong surface barrier or filter at the same time, and retain hydration and water in the skin, thus not allowing impurities and toxins from the air to pass through.

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Pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) additionally strengthened with other necessary antioxidants, active substances and forms of vitamin C, vitamins A, E, B₃, B₅, F and the beauty mineral msm, hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin makes this serum a real anti-aging bomb. The strongest antioxidants in large percentages are the inevitable starting point of every beautiful and youthful skin.

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