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Fenugreek - a miracle of nature

Namely, we are talking about fenugreek, a plant with exceptional therapeutic effects on the human body, whose healing properties were first noted by Hippocrates, the father of ancient medicine, and today its beneficial effects on the overall health of the human body are being rediscovered.

The fast-paced lifestyle brings a lot of unnecessary stress and, consequently, diseased states of the organism to the modern man. Type 1 and 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, weakened function of organs for digestion, detoxification and transport of nutrients, an increase in the number of allergic, autoimmune and inflammatory reactions, numerous intolerances, increased levels of fat in the blood and excess body weight are just some of the common ailments. today's modern civilization.

Improper and fast food as well as unhealthy food preparation, lack of physical activity and staying in a clean environment, insufficient rest and poor quality of sleep, excessive use of drugs are some of the causes of the epidemic of chronic diseases in the developed western world. Although today's society grows more and more and develops almost indefinitely, it also stumbles before the attacks of numerous modern causes of chronic diseases. Although it can be seen that Western man today has completely forgotten and rejected nature, and it seems that she has also begun to do so, she still revealed one of her hidden and forgotten secrets to us.

Ancient, antique remedy!

One plant, known even to ancient man, is increasingly attracting the interest of scientists who are discovering its many medicinal properties every day. Namely, we are talking about fenugreek, a plant with exceptional therapeutic effects on the human body, whose healing properties were first noted by Hippocrates, the father of ancient medicine, and today its beneficial effects on the overall health of the human body are being discovered anew.

If you didn't know the proverb "let food be your medicine and medicine be your food," which was first and Hippocrates said, and his listeners first heard, then know that fenugreek is indeed both food and medicine. Numerous biologically active compounds present in the extract of fenugreek seeds increase the vitality of the organism and stimulate the self-healing process, which is precisely the characteristic of the healing effect of the preparation from nature.

Fenugreek seed extract is reliably known to lower blood glucose levels , i.e. it has a hypoglycemic effect, prevents nerve damage in diabetics, which significantly alleviates the consequences of type 1 and 2 diabetes (even diabetics can take small amounts of honey, and fenugreek combined with honey manifests its action even faster).

Taking fenugreek extract before a meal significantly lowers the glycemic index of the entire meal, and food with a lower glycemic index will fill you up sooner and you will feel full longer, which can reduce your desire for snacks (for more on pancreatic health, see the ' Healthy Pancreas ' product package ) .

Fenugreek extract also lowers the increased level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and prevents the process of atherogenesis, i.e. calcification of blood vessels, which preserves the health of the heart and circulatory system. In addition, fenugreek seed extract has special hormonal effects and is recommended to be taken as a natural hormone therapy.

Natural hormone therapy

Fenugreek extract is rich in phytosterols, plant compounds that act as hormonal agonists and thus promote the proper functioning of male and female hormonal systems. Namely, it helps with men's problems with an enlarged prostate, generally poor libido and impotence, and infertility, and with women's problems, it helps with menopause because it stimulates the metabolism of female sex hormones, prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis and osteopenia, improves milk production in nursing mothers, alleviates problems with PMS- a (pains, hot flashes, tension) and supposedly even increases the curves of women's breasts.

Also, fenugreek extract affects the activity of the thyroid gland because it has a regulatory effect on the metabolism of iodine and thyroid hormones. They act as activators of metabolism, that is, their optimal level in the body regulates numerous physiological effects, such as lowering blood sugar levels and increasing the consumption of energy reserves from fat tissue ( for more on healthy weight loss with fenugreek, see the product package ' SLIM package ').

Fenugreek seed extract also has a strong antioxidant effect , which prevents damage and decay of cells and tissues, and also increases the body's antioxidant capacity (increases the level of vitamins E and C), which slows down the process of degeneration and aging, therefore it has a strong anti-aging effect. It also prevents the formation and helps with the excretion of gallstones because it reduces the metabolism of cholesterol and its deposition in the bile, reduces the size of gallstones and eliminates excess cholesterol from the bile. It also prevents the formation of kidney stones (i.e. calcium oxalate in the kidneys) and helps in breaking them up and excreting them from the kidney tissue.

Fenugreek seed extract has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects because it effectively alleviates the transmission of painful stimuli. Thus, it helps with headaches, rheumatic pains, pains caused by cancer, but also calms inflammatory processes in arthritis (inflammation of the joints), neurodermatitis and psoriasis (inflammation of the skin), gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), otitis (inflammation of the ear) and other inflammations (-itis). , which restores the optimal health condition of the entire organism.

The best plant-based source of iron

Fenugreek is the richest natural plant source of iron (33mg/100g) which is an important basis for good immunity .

It also helps with milder and more serious mental conditions (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder) by increasing the level of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters of pleasure and happiness, thus improving mood and restoring a healthy state of consciousness. It is also proven to stimulate the activity of the pituitary gland, which stimulates the production of growth hormones. At the same time, the increased anabolic effect causes accelerated growth and development of new tissue, muscular, connective, bone and other, and many athletes, athletes and bodybuilders are very grateful for its natural action. And best of all, fenugreek extract is proven to promote the death of tumor tissue and metastases and significantly reduces the occurrence of health complications in malignant diseases.

It is highly recommended as prevention, but also therapeutic for colon, breast, uterus and prostate cancer. Although health cannot be bought, when it comes to fenugreek, achieving optimal health is only a matter of time. So arm yourself with patience and good will and reach for health the way nature intended it.

Ivo Bačlija, herbalistapitherapist

+The information and statements are for educational purposes and should not replace your doctor's advice.


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