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The liver cleans the body, but who cleans the liver? Help her protect you!

The liver has hundreds of functions in our body, and one of the most important is filtering unwanted substances. How can you help her do that job even more efficiently? The answer is found in nature. 


Every time you leave your home and touch a doorknob, a handle on a bus or simply breathe the air around you, you are exposed to millions of microorganisms and harmful substances without even realizing it. Even in your own home, you cannot avoid them, no matter how much you clean and disinfect everything around you. However, how is it that, despite all these harmful substances, we remain healthy? In most cases, the liver is responsible for this. 


The liver is a filter for unwanted substances 

One of the organs that "works the hardest" is the liver, and it is also a gland that is important for maintaining hormonal balance in the body. As he states Cleveland Clinic, the liver has hundreds of functions - it breaks down red blood cells, produces and secretes bile and thereby helps in the metabolism of food, metabolizes proteins, carbohydrates and fats so that they can be used for energy, produces substances that help with blood clotting, regulates the amount of blood in the body and much, much more.

One of the most important functions of the liver is to clean toxins, i.e. harmful substances from the body. We can see the liver as a very precise sieve that filters all unwanted substances from the bloodstream, and it does so very smartly. This vital organ knows exactly what needs to be expelled from the body, when to expel those same toxins from the body through urine or stool, but also when to retain excess nutrients and let them circulate through the blood vessels when you notice their lack. 



What happens when the liver becomes overloaded?

Unfortunately, there are many diseases that can affect the liver and its function. Excessive exposure to toxins such as alcohol, problems with the immune system or infections such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B or hepatitis C leave a mark and reduce the efficiency of the liver. The symptoms that the liver is overloaded can easily be recognized in the rest of the body, and these are some of them:

  • The skin changes color - this is exactly one of the earliest symptoms that the liver is overloaded and that something is wrong. The skin then takes on a slightly yellow hue, and the same effect can be seen on the nails or the whites of the eyes. That characteristic yellow color comes from excess bilirubin, a compound produced by the breakdown of red blood cells in the liver.
  • Dark forest - the color of urine can change if we don't drink enough water, but if the urine is extremely dark and accompanied by equally dark stools, the cause may be impaired liver function. If the color of your urine doesn't get lighter even when you drink more water, it's time to see your doctor.
  • Digestive problems - bloating that is not caused by food, as well as constipation, are another symptom that the liver is under stress. These unpleasant symptoms occur because the liver does not secrete enough bile, so the food is incompletely broken down, which leads to the development of various unwanted gases.
  • Fatigue – the culprit of constant fatigue and lack of energy can also be the liver. When the function of the liver is compromised, the body makes extraordinary efforts to restore it in order to protect the other organs, and this requires the expenditure of a large amount of energy. 


The liver can regenerate and restore important function

Our body has natural mechanisms with which it can repair the liver and restore its impaired function, but in order to make this process faster and more efficient, there is something we can do ourselves. The solution comes to us from nature in the form of the sycamore plant. It is a Mediterranean plant with characteristic soft purple flowers, and it has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for liver and bile problems. The main active ingredient of sikavica is silymarin, an antioxidant found in the seeds.

Research show that sikavica is extremely beneficial when used regularly as a complementary therapy in people who have liver damage due to conditions such as alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and hepatitis, and can also help liver damage caused by more serious diseases. Another chronic disease that is indirectly related to the liver is type 2 diabetes, and sikavica can be useful as a complementary therapy for patients, as confirmed by research 


Sikavica is useful for the whole organism 

This gift of nature, which is primarily used to treat liver problems, also has other, extremely beneficial effects on the body. Due to its antioxidant and strong anti-inflammatory effects, sikavica can be a useful dietary supplement for people with acne problems. Study showed that people who took silymarin every day for eight weeks reduced the number of acne lesions by as much as 53%.  


In order to be able to be active and lead a fulfilling life even in the later years of life, it is important to maintain optimal bone density, and sikavica can help with this as well. Research have shown that sikavica promotes bone mineralization and slows down the loss of bone tissue, and recent findings show that it can also be useful in the loss of bone mass in menopausal women. 

Another problem that occurs with age is the decline of brain function, but we can also use the healing properties of sikavica to deal with this problem. Namely, sikavica is useful in the prevention of the decline of brain functions associated with aging if it is consumed regularly, as shown by research 


Protect your body and help your liver with the highest quality natural products 

Although sikavica grows in our climate, in order to take advantage of all the benefits of this medicinal plant, it is best to use concentrated products that have standardized amounts of active substances. That's exactly how he is Lemon balm granules - a completely natural product made from sycamore seeds with as much as 140 mg of silymarin in 10 g of sycamore granulate, which is also a natural source of vitamin E. Since sycamore granules are produced by pure mechanical extraction, all the nutrients of this fantastic plant are preserved and the granulate does not contain allergens or additives , preservatives and artificial colors.  



Granule of St. John's wort you can also find in excellent Matičnjak SILIMARIN PLUS package in which is located Functional honey Hepta Sana the HPU sikavice. In addition to silymarin, functional honey from sycamore contains turmeric and fenugreek, which provides a certain amount of iron and anti-inflammatory potential, and sicavy oil has a strong detoxifying effect and helps to activate silymarin better, especially in combination with granules. For the best effect, combine all three products from SILIMARIN PLUS package thus helping the liver to effectively protect you every day.  

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