5 savjeta za snažnu kožu koja blista iznutra i izvana – baš kao i ti!

5 tips for strong skin that glows inside and out - just like you!

  • When the skin's protective barrier is strong, it shows
  • A broken protective barrier can lead to the appearance of irregularities that will leave a mark 
  • With proper care and the best products, provide your skin with the care it deserves 


When someone tells us we're glowing, they're mostly referring to our personality and complexion. But when someone tells us we're strong, they're usually referring to our inner strength, not so much our skin. But did you know that it can also be seen on the skin that it is strong? Our skin consists of several layers, and the outer, defensive one is called the protective skin barrier. A damaged protective barrier can lead to the appearance of irregularities that will leave a mark on it, but an equally strong protective barrier of the skin can be easily recognized - the skin has a natural glow, the texture is present, but does not change, there are no traces of inflammation or redness, it does not flake and no visible acne. We can agree that it is not so difficult to recognize strong skin, but what is a little more demanding is to strengthen it and, of course, keep it that way. That is why it is necessary to follow several tips that will help you in this. 


1. Protect your pores 

Since the pores are an important component of the skin, you need to keep them happy - which means they must not be clogged so they can breathe. In general, it is crucial to keep the follicles open and prevent them from clogging which can lead to acne, and this is achieved by regular exfoliation that removes the accumulation of dead skin cells and by applying some form of retinol that accelerates cell renewal to keep the pores clear. However, it is important to note that you can overdo it with such products, so start with this regimen once a week and gradually increase the frequency.


2. Stick to the idea of 'less is more' 

When you flood your face with products full of active ingredients, the skin usually resists. One common mistake that many of us make, especially if acne is present, is that we try to scrub or clean our skin too often. By just leading to more irritation or inflammation which is not what we want. Therefore, be gentle when washing your skin and choose moisturizing products to clean your face. 


5 savjeta za snažnu kožu


3. Use soothing products

When it comes to skin care, it all boils down to treating your skin nicely, and not conflicting with it, for example with exfoliation or aggressive and drying ingredients. Serums and oils tend to penetrate deep into the skin, especially if they are made with natural ingredients that work for it. What the experts advise is to look for restorative ingredients in the products such as calendula, sycamore, vitamin C and carrot seed extract. It is also recommended to include ceramides in your routine, which strengthen the skin's protective barrier, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. 


 4. IAvoid hot water 

Although it can be a pleasant feeling to feel the hot water running on your skin, especially when it's cold outside, it is not your skin's friend. Do not use extremely hot water because it directly irritates the skin and takes away the natural components that ensure proper hydration of the skin and preserve the strength of the skin's protective barrier. 


5. Protects the skin from external influences 

Harsh weather affects only our body, our skin is equally sensitive to them. Very cold, dry air or very hot air can definitely cause skin problems such as dryness, flaking or irritation. It is recommended to use broad-spectrum UV protection every day, apply a generous layer of moisturizing creams adapted to the conditions in which you find yourself. 


Strengthen the skin with 100% nature and 0% chemistry  

In search of products that will help us visibly strengthen our skin, we need look no further than nature. Herbal cosmetics OPS Biotics+ is an innovative line of powerful botanical care for completely natural skin care. In the rich assortment of OPS Biotics+ you will find everything your skin needs. All products from the OPS Biotics + range contain medicinal plants and are produced in Croatia, and you can use them knowing that they do not pose a risk to health or the environment. Enriched with oils and extract of sycamore (a natural source of silymarin) and Sacha Inchi oil, OPS Biotics+ OMEGA – CERAMIDE lipid moisturizer it works to restore and improve the lipid barrier of the skin, which, if it is damaged or naturally functions less well, fails to retain moisture in the skin, it rapidly evaporates, the skin therefore visibly ages faster, and weak defense and protection from external factors further impairs tissue health. The superior composition acts on all phenomena of hydration loss: from balancing and protecting the surface lipid barrier to reducing water loss inside the skin. With a high content of hyaluronic acid, MSM, a complex of ceramides and lipids, olive and sikava leaf extract, it restores the barrier, reduces moisture loss and helps retain moisture within the tissue, which is a basic feature of young and beautiful skin. 


Ops Biotics+


For skin that glows with a healthy glow, OPS Biotics+ VITAMIN C - SERUM it is a real infusion of natural vitamins and antioxidants for the skin with improved all parameters, for those who want to maintain or restore the beauty and health of the skin. Due to its exceptional photostability, it is recommended to be used in the morning for all-day protection and radiance. This powerful yet gentle serum blocks most aging factors such as wrinkles, lines, lifelessness and loss of firmness, provides powerful antioxidant protection, renews and energizes the skin, brightens the complexion, erases acne or sun spots, and boosts hydration and firmness.  

With the care provided by our OPS Biotics+ natural cosmetics, we are sure that you will hear more and more compliments about how your skin looks strong, just like you!  

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