Detoks kože: uz ove savjete će tvoja koža izgledati mlađe!

Skin detox: with these tips your skin will look younger!

Do you want healthy and glowing skin? Start with the liver. The liver, the organ that is best known for the breakdown of toxins, is closely related to our skin, and if your skin is tired and dull despite the use of numerous serums and expensive creams, you may need to think about a proper diet, sufficient hydration and detox. The concept of internal cleansing and detoxification has been around for quite some time. In modern times, as society is increasingly exposed to toxic compounds in the air, water and food, it has become apparent that our ability to detoxify the substances we are exposed to is critical to our overall health. We can promote detoxification primarily by promoting improved liver function.

It is necessary to enrich the diet with fruits and vegetables that are easily digestible, but also rich in water, fiber and antioxidants, and it is desirable to include detoxification drinks that will help you in the overall detoxification of the organism and, ultimately, the beautiful appearance of the skin. A detoxification program will help you regain lost vitality, maintain good health and ward off symptoms that are usually a sign of intoxication such as fatigue, lack of concentration, skin problems, indigestion and even weight regulation.


Detox kože


The effect of detoxification on the skin

Glowing and healthy skin requires more than just a good exfoliating serum or night cream. Your liver is the metabolic center of your body, producing energy to maintain the thousands of functions performed every minute of every day by all the cells in your body. The liver provides energy to hair follicles, skin cells and the heart, so if your liver can't do its job, you'll notice a deterioration in the appearance of your skin and hair, as well as a general feeling of sluggishness, nervousness, fatigue, irritability and weight gain. How good or bad you feel depends largely on how effectively your body removes and cleanses toxins. If you're feeling sluggish, chances are your body needs a detox to remove those toxins and allow you to feel your absolute best.


When it comes to the skin, detoxification can provide several benefits:

Detoxification: Detoxification can help remove toxins from the body that can negatively affect skin health. Various substances such as pollution, chemicals, harmful substances from food or drinks can accumulate in the body and have a negative effect on the skin. Eliminating these toxins can help reduce inflammation, improve skin texture and promote a healthy glow.

Improvement of circulation: Detoxification can improve blood circulation in the body, including the skin. Better blood circulation means that nutrients and oxygen are more easily delivered to the skin cells, improving its health and appearance. It can also encourage the removal of waste products and excess fluid, which can reduce swelling and potential skin problems like acne.

Reduction of inflammation: Detoxification can help reduce inflammation in the body, including skin inflammation. Inflammation is often associated with various skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis or eczema. Removing toxins from the body and reducing the burden that toxins can cause can reduce inflammation and ease the symptoms of these skin conditions.

Improvement of digestion: The digestive system and skin are interconnected, so improving digestion can have a positive effect on skin health. Detoxification can help remove toxins from the digestive system, support intestinal flora balance and improve nutrient absorption. When the body absorbs nutrients better, the skin can get the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential for skin health.

Detox kože

How to know if the liver is overloaded?

When it lacks essential nutrients or when it is overwhelmed by toxins, our liver no longer works as it should. Hormone imbalances can occur. Fat can accumulate in the liver and then under the skin or in other organs. Toxins accumulate and enter the bloodstream.

Among the signs of "toxic liver" are:

  • weight gain (especially around the abdomen)
  • cellulite
  • bloating
  • belly
  • digestive disorders
  • fatigue
  • mood swings
  • depression
  • skin rash
  • estrogen dominance, ovarian cysts
  • Hashimoto
  • acne, dry, tired facial skin, gray complexion, accelerated skin aging


What to feed your liver for healthy glowing skin?

A healthy liver needs antioxidants that can be found in vegetables, especially in leafy vegetables (arugula, dandelion, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower). You can also keep your liver happy by staying hydrated, getting enough fiber in your diet, exercising regularly, and limiting toxins (such as drugs and alcohol).

If you want to have a targeted effect on the liver and detoxification, you can also resort to phytotherapy and look for herbal food supplements such as sikavica, bitter substances or hemp oil that help in the second phase of liver detoxification - which has been shown to be critical in many people who have slow liver function. Omega 3 fatty acids from hemp or wild flax oil are extremely important for keeping the liver healthy, and are fantastic for relieving chronic skin problems such as very dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines, dermatitis or psoriasis.

Detox kože


Topical products for facial skin detox

The most effective clinically proven skin healers and cleansers, and aging erasers are simply Vitamin C, Vitamin A, AHA acids and Omega acids.

Vitamin C a proven powerful collagen booster that also promotes good circulation, fights harmful free radicals and stimulates key natural moisture factors.

AHA acids they speed up the "transit time" between old cells located on the surface of the skin and young, juicy cells in the depth of the skin. In children, the transit time is 2 weeks, in adults 30-40 it is 4-5 weeks, in the sixties it is 4 to 8 weeks. AHA acids in daily, regular care can speed up the transit time by two to three weeks. By "disturbing" skin cells with AHA acids, it works on skin cells in the same way that exercise disrupts muscle cells - both resulting in growth and repair. Thus they help in the treatment of acne, spots, but also wrinkles and fine lines, they are versatile and smart.

Omega fatty acids along with peptides and ceramides, are the only true building blocks of the skin, because they are incorporated into the phospholipid bilayer of every cell, making them fuller. A lack of omega acids leads to the first signs of aging. They are essential, the body is not able to produce them, so we are obliged to introduce them into the body every day (for the vitality of the whole organism) and on the skin - for its direct supply. Skin-delivered essential fatty acids - omegas, penetrate so deeply into the skin and tissue that they eventually travel into the systemic circulation. They build the skin matrix, even every cell, and "plumping" cells are a feature of beautiful, smooth skin.

When you decide on a "clean start", be sure to reach for the best solutions from nature. On our webshop, look for a DETOX package that contains 100% natural products as an excellent cure for thorough cleaning in the most natural way. Cold-pressed hemp oil will clean excess water and bad fats from your body, sikavica granulate will support the liver so that the body can be detoxified faster, and Macerat 13 will clean parasites and fungi that have no place in your body. The DETOX package is discounted by 10%, and the price includes free postage.

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