On the eve of World Men's Day, which is traditionally celebrated every year on November 19, we spoke with our director of development and innovation Martina Bakarčić, founder of the natural cosmetics line Ops Biotics+ within the Matičnjak brand. Since men's skin care is still not talked about often enough, Martina shared with us some information, tips and instructions for the purpose of raising awareness and destigmatizing men's care, because skin is skin - we all have it!


What is the difference between male and female skin? 

Men's skin has a different hormonal picture. Thanks to a higher proportion of collagen, it is even 20% thicker than a woman's. Men have more pores due to more active sebaceous glands, but they are less prone to dry skin. You could say that they are really lucky [smijeh] because their skin wrinkles and ages later, but when this happens, the wrinkles are much deeper than women's. 


How can men best take care of their skin? 

Men's care focuses on herbal soaps, light face washes and aftershaves. Today's urbanized lifestyle and external harmful factors such as polluted air make men's skin care imperative. However, men's awareness and skin care is greater today than it was a few decades ago, which is certainly positive and desirable. Also, men should pay attention to shaving carefully (in the direction of hair growth), invest in good shaving products and use creams that have a light texture.


When to start a skincare routine? 

Considering that men have a greater chance of having oilier skin due to its thickness and excess testosterone, which of course also produces easier breakouts of pimples and acne, especially in adolescence, I would say that the beginning of some first real care and the creation of a desirable daily routine should begin to develop even then.


What routine would you recommend for men? Which OPS BIOTICS+ products are good for men's skin care? 

It would be preferable to use products that will balance the secretion of oil and that will do real cleaning of the skin based on fruit acids. Therefore, their routine should consist of washing their face with lukewarm, never hot water, especially after training (I can skip the shower, but washing my face is unavoidable!). This is followed by the application of tonic. Our Vinegar cleanser is an ideal facial tonic precisely because of its slight percentage of acids present - from AHA to malic acids that raise the PH of the skin and optimize the secretion of fats. On the other hand, this toner cleans the pores in a way that water cannot: it frees up the pathways in the skin so that its metabolic process is not destroyed - that everything goes in and out as it should. 

Twice a week, it would be advisable to do some kind of exfoliation - our Triple CBD + AHA fluid is a stronger version than Vinegar. Namely, due to frequent improper shaving, pimples and acne can form, and it is this fluid that prevents their formation. On the other hand, the fluid is responsible for accelerating the division of new cells and their emergence on the surface of the skin - the epidermis, which will additionally smooth and soften the skin. 

The third step in the routine would be dedicated to moisturizing the skin, which is done by our moisturizers . If someone has extremely oily and acne-prone skin, they will use the Triple CBD + AHA moisturizer . For normal skin, that choice will be the 3-biotic MICROBIOME protective cream , which is great because it is moisturizing, contains probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics that preserve the integrity of the epidermis, prevent all external scourges (smog, smoke, polluted air) and nourish the skin all the time. immunity, which is an extremely significant and essential task. In addition, this cream also moisturizes the skin, which is also very important for men.


And a message for the end? 

Our dear men and boys, let your day be just a small reminder that you should constantly take care of yourself and your skin! In other words – try to be important to yourself! Take care smart: let your external skin care is based on natural and proven cosmetic products, and internal skin care is regulated by proper nutrition and healthy food supplements! Ultimately, take care of yourself and your skin with a healthier lifestyle! 

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