Iscjeljujuća moć prirodnih sastojaka –  spas za kožne probleme

The healing power of natural ingredients - salvation for skin problems

Medicinal plants have been used for centuries for their powerful effects - so it is not surprising that they have also been recognized by the cosmetic industry. Preparations with medicinal natural ingredients are an important part of our daily life, both in health and in caring for the beauty of the skin.

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Since ancient times, people have turned to nature in search of healing powers, and we all know that one of those who popularized them in beautification rituals was Cleopatra. In modern times, we are turning more and more to these natural healing plant extracts because we are aware that they protect our skin as well as nature.

We have never been more ecologically aware and careful about what and how we apply to the skin, aware of the fact that it absorbs all the finished ingredients of a cosmetic product into its cells!

In this light, we are aware of how natural ingredients are complementary to our skin and meet all its needs, how they stimulate and support the skin's natural functions. This means that they encourage it to produce sufficient amounts of moisture and fat on its own when it needs them, it helps the skin to reach a balance when there is an imbalance - such as the appearance of dry skin, excess fat or allergic reactions... Only natural cosmetics do not contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colors that are the most common culprits for various skin allergies. Vegetable oils, natural fats and essential oils have multiple beneficial effects on the skin, which is why 'herbal cosmetics' are increasingly a priority for everyone who is environmentally conscious and takes care to provide the best possible for themselves and the environment.

The connection between herbal supplements and cosmetics

How important the link between herbal supplements and our health is best shown by the fact that botanical herbal formulations are the backbone of many nutritional supplements. In combination with cosmetics, they have the same goal: anti-aging of the body and skin.

Antioxidants and peptides as powerful protects against all negative effects from the outside, and probiotics that protect us from the inside are the perfect combination for healthy and beautiful skin and a powerful barrier against various inflammatory processes that often vary in their manifestation, so there are those that we do not see, as well as those that they cause what we call problematic or impure skin.

These are micro-inflammations that ultimately cause poorer skin health and micro-damages in its tissue, which can be seen in the appearance of acne, pimples, wrinkles and an unhealthy glow or tone of the skin.

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Beautiful skin requires smart care - not a miracle

The secret of beautiful and healthy skin lies in antioxidants, omegas and a balanced microbiome. And while, for example, antioxidants are mandatory in the morning routine because they protect skin cells during the day from all pollutants from the environment, omega acids are mandatory in the evening routine because they build, restore and develop skin cells while we sleep.

Microbiome, that is, care with prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, on the other hand, should be included in each of these routines, because exactly such a product personalizes care and potentiates and moderates the action of all active substances! And only when the skin microbiome is healthy can the products work at their full potential!

Prebiotics - probiotics - postbiotics as a skin care complex simultaneously build, supplement and support the health of the biotic skin system. Thus, they modulate the skin's immune response at all levels and consequently reduce inflammation (visible and invisible to the eye), redness and sensitivity of the skin and potentiate the action of all active substances from the routine.

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Why is the microbiome crucial for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin?

On the surface of our skin lives the skin microbiome, which contains billions of tiny bacteria. It is interesting that there are more bacterial cells than skin cells, and the mentioned microorganisms participate in the modulation of the immune response and, in addition to the epidermis, are also found in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. There is evidence that changes in the composition of the skin microbiota in humans can trigger immune disorders and consequently inflammatory processes. The microbiome and the skin create an acid mantle that protects against the penetration of pathogens.

It is precisely the microbiome that lies at the core of the OPS BIOTICS brand. Serum, protective cream or mask 3 biotic creates a protective probiotic film on the skin, which is not occlusive, but alive and potent. This film strengthens the ability of the epidermis barrier, helping to prevent transepidermal water loss and potentiates the action of all active substances from the routine.

The microbiome has proven to be very important for skin health and offers opportunities to set ideal skin care. Microbiome metabolism also explains the paradox of why cosmetics can be more effective on some people than others, leading to more personalized skin care. Therefore, by daily use of 3 biotic products, either cream, serum or mask, you maintain, supplement and feed the microbiome so that other active substances from the routine (vitamin C, antioxidants, AHA acids, vitamin A, omega acids...) do their job to the maximum extent .

Ops Biotics+

Concentrated forms of care with direct action

As one of the most effective ingredients in modern cosmetology, both CBD and hemp oil have been extremely popular in recent years because they have a special recognition. This concentrated form of active care, with its enhanced, direct action, affects different levels of inflammation in the skin and helps clean and balance skin secretions. As a brand, OPS BIOTICS focuses precisely on the development of sustainable beauty & ecology care based on innovative botanical active substances.

Triple efficiency: hemp oil, Cannabidiol resin, and microencapsulated CBD, which remains with all preserved properties until it comes into contact with the skin, are the backbone of Triple CBD + AHA fluid, which acts as a plant-fruit corrective facial skin cleanser. It simultaneously reduces inflammation and micro-inflammation (which causes acne, pimples, blemishes and ultimately aging), regulates sebum production, neutralizes damage from free radicals, cleans pores and refreshes the complexion AND clears acne and sun spots. The line also includes a Moisturizer for the care of mixed, oily and problematic facial skin, which, in turn, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and deeply cleanses the skin.

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