SVE JASNO! Vlasnica domaćeg beauty brenda otkrila što koža treba ujutro, a što navečer kako bi ostala zdrava i mladolika

ALL CLEAR! The owner of the domestic beauty brand revealed what the skin needs in the morning and what in the evening to stay healthy and youthful

Our skin could look equally youthful at 20 and at 80 only if it had one important ability - to produce omega acids and vitamin C on its own. Martina Bakarčić, co-owner of the brand Matičnjak, who created OPS Biotics+ natural products with a personalized effect, knows this as well. elements of medicinal plants mimic the natural components of the skin

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Most beauty products today focus only on ingredients such as collagen or hyaluronic acid, while forgetting the foundations of health, youth and beauty - omega acids. That the production of her own natural cosmetics will be her calling, 37-year-old Martina Bakarčić, bacc.physioth., decided while listening to the "Nutrition" course at the university and a lecture on the importance of unsaturated fatty acids for the health and vitality of the body. After finishing her studies, Martina immediately went into 'beauty waters' and soon became the co-owner of the Matičnjak brand. Two years ago, she managed to withdraw funds from the European Union funds for the development of innovative plant extracts and create the skin care brand OPS Biotics+, which fully represents her vision of ideal care.

Ops Biotics+

What makes us special is the fact that in our herbal cosmetic formulations we use our own innovative extracts of medicinal rosehip, silymarin, omega acids... and in all formulations we use exclusively skin identical herbal ingredients. These are natural elements of medicinal herbs that mimic the natural components of the skin. The skin recognizes these active and protective substances as its own, it does not have to metabolize them, but absorbs them and uses them for health and proper functioning,' explains Martina.

The first product they created was Vitamin C serum from the medicinal fruit of the rosehip - OPS Biotics+ C serum. This product is special because it contains the entire spectrum of vitamin C from the medicinal rosehip, not just ascorbic acid. It is, in fact, a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants that every skin needs since teenage days.

Martina Bakarčić - owner of the Ops Biotics+ brand

'Our body is not able to produce vitamin C. However, when we take it systemically through food or nutritional supplements, only 7% of this vitamin reaches the epidermis, the rest is used by our vital organs. Our high-quality Vitamin C serum is therefore a dietary supplement that is applied directly to the skin,' says Martina and reveals the 'recipe' for the most effective skin care.

Namely, the skin microbiome (probiotics, postbiotics) lives on the surface of the skin and contains billions of tiny bacteria. They are important for the healthy appearance of the skin, reduce inflammation and redness and, not least, enhance the action of active substances from the preparations that we normally use in our daily care routine. In other words, in addition to being important for skin health, the microbiome also explains the paradox of why cosmetics can be more effective on some people than others. Therefore, by daily use of products such as creams, serums, fluids or masks from the 3-Biotics product line, we actually feed the microbiome so that other active substances from the routine (vitamin C, antioxidants, AHA acids, vitamin A, omega acids...) can successfully do their job. .

Ops Biotics+

In order to protect the skin from environmental stressors during the day, we need to provide the skin with vitamins and antioxidants in the morning care. That's why I recommend starting the day with a vitamin C serum. But it is important to feed the microbiota as well, so that the 'outer line' is additionally strengthened and the skin's immunity is up to par. Therefore, we lock in the vitamin C serum with 3-Biotics protective cream, which is the ideal combination for coping well with all the daily challenges,' explains Martina.


In the evening care, on the other hand, the emphasis is on the renewal and construction of the skin, and omega acids and ceramides play an important role in this.

'The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is often the first visual indicator of a lack of essential fatty acids. The metabolism of the skin is most active at night, because that's when the epidermal cells divide and renew, and the epidermis itself becomes more permeable to all active substances. The best skin fats - the essential unsaturated omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids - act on the phospholipid layer, helping it to retain water, and can also reduce sun damage, strengthening collagen and helping to prevent wrinkles and loose skin,' explains this expert, noting that the body is not able to produce omega acids, just like vitamin C. Therefore, we can effectively introduce them in the form of skin care preparations.


Currently, Martina signs seven products that, in her opinion, are the basis of care: vitamin C serum (for vitality and protection of the facial skin), Omega ceramide product line (dry oil and cream for intensive renewal and building of the facial skin), 3-Biotic line (biotic line – serum and cream, for immune protection of facial skin) and the Triple CBD line (CBD and AHA fruit acids, adaptogenic line for regulating skin sebum and treating acne). According to Martina, further plans for the development of the brand are again related to innovative plant extracts. This time it's about 'living' stem cells that are activated in contact with the skin.

"It is indescribably beautiful and inspiring to work in the development and marketing of such formulations and plant extracts where you know that you are supplying your customers with the best active substances for skin and whole body care, and when you know that your product does not contain anything harmful or negative in terms of health. Perfectly correct, even karmically correct,' concludes this entrepreneur.

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