Njega kože koja manipulira mikrobiomom je budućnost

Skincare that manipulates the microbiome is the future

  • Air pollution affects skin health, no matter where we live
  • Clean and well-groomed skin starts with taking care of the skin's microbiome  
  • Supplying the microbiome with biotics is an excellent way to restore the skin's healthy and natural glow  

Autumn has arrived, fog, smog and heavy air in the streets, the heating season is starting, which makes the air in the house, apartment and office drier and rich in dust particles and other micro particles. All of this affects your skin, especially its microbiome. Namely, the skin microbiome lives on the surface of the skin, which contains billions of tiny bacteria. In fact, there are more bacterial cells than skin cells, and in order for them to remain balanced and preserve skin immunity, in the colder months you have to take care of them more than ever. Air pollution, hydrocarbons and smog seriously threaten our skin barrier because they break down collagen and oxidize the lipid layer in the skin, which means that the skin can no longer retain water and is more sensitive to infections and bacteria, which significantly intensifies skin aging, discoloration, and inflammatory conditions. These small particles from the air constantly enter the skin because the pore size is often larger than the substance itself. These pollutants are often called nanoparticles because they are so tiny. Washing your face is not enough to remove these pollution particles once they enter the pores.  




The five types of air pollution that pose the greatest risk to skin health are:   

  • Exhaust gases from cars and trucks 
  • Dim cigarettes 
  • Plastic byproducts at the micron level that we often find indoors, such as phthalates from plastics 
  • Small particles, including many volatile organic compounds in aerosol form
  • Smog, especially ground-level ozone 


How to protect the skin from pollution?  

To begin with, you need to be aware that you cannot influence or change many things in your environment. On the other hand, you can change some things and preserve your skin microbiome, and at the same time keep your skin healthy and beautiful. By choosing the right cosmetics without preservatives, alcohol and emulsifiers in cosmetic products, you will achieve a lot.   


In order to preserve the microbiome in your daily skin care routine, you should include: 

Prebiotic which are 'food' for the good bacteria, allowing the skin to function at an optimal level while inhibiting the bad bacteria. Their action is aimed at reducing the signs of skin aging and fatigue, neutralizing redness and dryness of the skin.    

Probiotic which are living beneficial bacteria that support the health of your skin and gut, their effect on the skin is seen in reducing acne breakouts, reducing sensitivity and signs of aging. 

Postbiotics which are molecules directly derived from probiotic bacteria, enzymes, peptides and organic acids. The action is aimed at regulating sebum, protecting against pollution, calming inflammation and micro-inflammation of the skin, and smoothing the texture of the skin.   




What are biotics used for?   

Balancing your skin's microbiome requires a combination of pre-, pro- and post-biotic ingredients. It is important that microbiotic skin care combines these three elements in order to see real results. Each of these biotic states aims to help the microbiome in different ways. Prebiotics support the existing, good, native bacteria that already live in your skin microbiome. Probiotics attempt to alter the diversity of bacteria in a particular microbiome and add additional beneficial microbes that may already exist to positively impact the microbiome and correct dysbiosis. Postbiotics provide a positive compound created by good bacteria. In skin care, lipids like ceramides and proteins like peptides are examples of good postbiotics.   


Why use products from the Ops Biotics+ 3 biotic line?   

Supplying the microbiome with a cocktail of good bacteria is an excellent way to restore the health and natural glow of the skin. 100% natural cocktails of good bacteria and medicinal herbs will heal, protect the skin from toxins from the air, hydrate and deeply cleanse the skin while perfectly balancing the pH of your skin. The combination of prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics and selected medicinal herbs makes this line suitable for all skin types - dry, mixed and oily and of any age. 




Results that you will see and feel on your skin during introduction 3-biotic protective creams i 3-biotic concentrated fluid in your routine are:   

  • The level of hydration is increased and optimized 
  • Restores a healthy glow to the face 
  • Sensitive skin becomes more stable and resistant 
  • The skin becomes more protected from all kinds of stress: sun, wind, soot, smoke, dry air 
  • The appearance of acne and other skin irregularities - spots, wrinkles, fine lines, redness - is reduced 
  • In short, biotic skin care can help provide optimal skin health for anyone, any complexion, and any age.    


Read more about proper skin care, proper routines and cosmetic formulations at www.opsbiotics.com.

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