OPS BIOTICS+ & Matičnjak na Pharma akademiji – „NUTRICEUTIKA I NUTRIKOZMETIKA“


How did everything go...

As the first step in our new beauty venture, there was an application for this year's Pharma Academy ( https://pharma-akademija.com/ ) – "a professional project of systematic education and information for masters of pharmacy about contemporary trends and news in the field of pharmacy. Every year, an increasing number of masters of pharmacy participate in the lectures, and sponsors and partners, year after year, recognize the importance of the Pharma Academy and the education of masters of pharmacy." Like every year, this year the Academy took place in four Croatian cities - Zagreb, Split , Osijek and Rijeka.

This year, at the professional lecture for masters in pharmacy, we also participated with a lecture on the topic "NUTRICEUTICS AND NUTRICOSMETICS - GREAT SPACE FOR THE GROWTH OF INNOVATION ON THE BACK OF SCIENCE". In this way, we would like to thank all the masters of pharmacy who patiently waited and listened to our lecture, as well as the professor doc.dr.sc. Marijana Blažić , who delivered the lecture expertly and helped us present our story of development and innovation in the best possible light.

We are proud that the masters and masters of pharmacy recognized our effort and work, because the recognition we received at the Pharma Academy from the profession means a lot to us. Thanks to the lectures held, we received a truly large number of invitations to hold lectures at colleges and schools in order to show by example that it is possible to innovate and that vision and commitment bring results, which is a great honor for us.

The entire philosophy of the Matičnjak brand is based on the "complex", because in all our herbal products we take care not to damage the "structure" of the medicinal plant, but instead use innovative extraction processes to optimally utilize the complete phytoactive profile of the plant, pure, stable and unadulterated as it exists in nature. The end result is natural bioactive extracts with some of the highest concentrations of organic, bioactive ingredients on the market. For the development of those innovative extracts that we presented at the Pharma Academy, we used European Union funds (innovations of small and medium-sized enterprises, the obtained project called - "Absolut - absolute extract of medicinal plants" ), which was a strong impulse for us to make our ideas faster and could offer better to the world 😊. And what this is about?

For a long time, we have been dealing with the idea that we would like to extract the entire spectrum of vitamin C, because vitamin C, only if it is in its complex (and not only ascorbic acid), gives our body what research shows - it improves immunity, prevents various diseases, helps in healing... Medicinal and wayward pomegranate has always fascinated us and we found in it the ideal ally for extracting the entire spectrum of vitamin C, and we succeeded.

We also thought of producing extracts of black grapes ( Vitis vinifera ), olives ( Olea europaea ) and sweet wormwood ( Artemisia annua ). The mentioned medicinal plants and their bioactive substances are well known in nutriceutics and nutricosmetics, that is, in the world of nutritional supplements or functional foods that have a positive effect on health and beauty.

At the same time, despite the challenges brought by daily work with medicinal plants and finding the best extraction methods for them, we dared to take another brave step, the micro-step that combines plants and beauty. We decided to put our new and unique extracts that we produced into cosmetics in the way we imagine cosmetics and think they should be - in the form of nutritional supplements for the skin that are applied directly to the skin .

OPS Biotics+ was born and its formulations contain only what the skin needs - skin identical ingredients , i.e. natural components of medicinal herbs that mimic the natural components of our skin . These ingredients are the best that we can offer the skin from the plant world: adaptogens, CBD from hemp, natural lipids from cold-pressed oils (omega acids from apricot, hazelnut, sika, grape, chia seeds), the entire spectrum of vitamin C from rose hips, prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, silymarin from sycamore, oleoeuropein from olive leaf, resveratrol from the membrane of black grapes, stem cells from apple... All well-known nutraceuticals that strengthen our body, now have a role in strengthening and protecting the skin - directly.

When we systemically ingest these herbal active substances, the skin is the last in line to deliver antioxidants, vitamins, omega acids and other essential protective substances - everything goes to the vital organs first, and the skin gets what's left. Therefore, OPS Biotics+ with its cleverly formulated products supplies everything the skin needs for health, beauty and proper functioning.


A new chapter is ahead of us, and we are really happy that our story has been recognized and that our efforts are yielding results. For years, with the growth of the Matičnjak brand, our desire is to constantly improve, to expand our knowledge to new and even better projects, while always keeping quality in the first place! Based on these foundations, we also carefully develop, observe and perfect these extracts. Therefore, in the spring of 2023, they will become available in the form of food supplements, where we will bind them to fenugreek and thus get a completely bioactive tablet where everything is active and "alive": from extracts (complex of vitamin C, silymarin, resveratrol... ) to the carrier – fenugreek. Nothing in these pills will be foreign or synthetic, but natural and bioavailable, in line with our principles. Because, ultimately, the beginning and end of everything we do and develop is the principle that "the product must work" .

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