Tri zlatna pravila za mladoliku kožu čak i ako obožavaš provoditi vrijeme na suncu

Three golden rules for youthful skin, even if you love spending time in the sun


  • Sunny and warm days are finally here and we can't wait to spend them outdoors.
  • However, every time we are exposed to the sun, our skin remembers it through wrinkles or hyperpigmentation spots.
  • So that you can enjoy every sunny day unhindered, we bring you three golden rules for responsible enjoyment of the sun.


The dermatologist's verdict is final - there is no such thing as a healthy tan! We know, and we were convinced that if we applied creams with a protective factor and still got a bronze tan, we didn't harm the skin, but that's not the case. Every exposure to the sun leaves traces on our skin, but this does not mean that we should hide in the shade and forget about the fun warmed by the sun's warm rays. Because after all, when bright and warm days come, who could keep us indoors or in the shade at that moment?  

We can't resist a coffee with our friends on a sunny terrace or a walk in the nearby park, but we are always tormented by the knowledge that every ray of sunlight potentially brings wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots and skin aging. So that you can enjoy every sunny day unhindered, without worrying about these problems, we bring you three golden rules for responsible enjoyment of the sun.  

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  1. Wear sunscreen every day

While our grandmothers used to take olive oil with them to the beach, today we know the disastrous consequences it brings to the skin. Today, as responsible people, we bring creams, gels and sprays with a protective factor to the beach and apply them carefully - while we are at sea. Most people associate creams with a protective factor only for summer vacations, but in order for the skin to be healthy, well-groomed and youthful, we should apply SPF every day. Whether the day is sunny or gloomy, whether we are going to spend it in nature or at home, whether we are driving in a car or an airplane - the protective factor should be on our face. Another important note is that we should regularly reapply SPF to our face throughout the day, but that is already an advanced lesson, first we need to make it a routine to reach for a protective cream in the morning.  


  1. Hydrate your skin well

For some reason, it has become a common opinion that nourishing and moisturizing creams are intended mostly for people with dry skin and that everyone with combination or oily skin should dry their face as much as possible and avoid them. The truth is completely different. Excessive drying of oily skin will lead to even more intensive secretion of sebum, which actually has the opposite effect. Whatever keyboard you have, it needs to be properly hydrated so that it stays healthy and does not get excessively dried out by exposure to the sun. The key is to find a moisturizer that suits you best, and you must not forget to hydrate the skin from the inside as well.  


  1. Take care of the health of skin microbes

The skin is our largest organ, and billions of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms are found on it. Although it sounds a little scary, all these microorganisms are crucial for the health of the skin, and they have many important roles. In addition to protecting the body from infection, our little residents on the skin help keep our immunity strong, but they also help repair damage that has occurred – including damage caused by solar radiation. That's why it's extremely important to choose skin care products that nurture the microbiome, not work against it.  


The key to skin care is balance

The best skin care products are developed to work in cooperation with our body and mimic the skin's natural systems, and it was created according to this philosophy. OPS Biotics 3-BIOTIC line. In order to maintain or improve the integrity of the skin barrier, i.e. its protective-immune system, the 3-BIOTIC line uses potent botanical agents such as prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, silymarin and olive leaf. Active probiotic concentrate with a triple complex (prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic) and sikavica extract create surface protection against UV-induced aging and pollution from the air and the environment. The complex helps to strengthen the microflora in the skin structure and thus reduce water loss due to poor or insufficient function of the lipid layer. In addition, the 3-biotic system completely closes the circle of protection: it helps maintain and improve skin immunity and maintain the microbiome as a basic protection and anti-aging factor. 


You will find in line 3-BIOTIC – MICROBIOME protective cream which in just 24 hours increases skin hydration by 40% and stimulates the renewal and boost of new and healthy skin, protects, increases and retains moisture, restores and strengthens the barrier and modulates skin immunity. It is excellent in combination with 3-BIOTIC – MICROBIOME concentrated fluid which also contains a probiotic concentrate with a triple complex. After four weeks of using the fluid, the first changes are visible, the new skin is fresh, elastic and smooth, and the microbiome is strengthened.  

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