Fine Food Murter - Prvi restoran koji je uveo naše tjestenine u svoj vegetarijanski jelovnik!

Fine Food Murter - The first restaurant to introduce our pasta to its vegetarian menu!

Fine Food Mortar is a restaurant that pushes boundaries and, together with its culinary team, follows trends but also creates them. The restaurant's menu stands alongside world models and brings the breath of local producers. This very approach to gastronomy very quickly led to our collaboration, and our pastas were included in the gastronomic masterpieces. The high-protein pasta from our assortment is a nutritionally excellent substitute for meat, and is extremely suitable for preparing a complete meal for vegetarians and vegans. As you already know, Essentia Food pasta rootstock with seeds and nuts with natural and pure sources of protein, fiber and carbohydrates are produced without eggs, additives and artificial flavors. The restaurant's creative team designed the menu and every week offers carefully designed specialties following its own philosophy - Fine Food Murter marks the moment when the mind is free and allows the body to create unfettered.

Proud and happy of this collaboration, we invite everyone who finds themselves in Murter or its vicinity to stop by for their new gastronomic experience.

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