Mame su odabrale Matičnjak!

Moms chose Matičnjak!

Dedicated work, effort and pure nature is a perfect and winning combination when it comes to health. Responsibility, care for family and friends and for what they consume and put into their body, always brings satisfaction and above all, affects the life of the individual. Matičnjak's treasury of health has always taken care of everyone's health, including the health of mothers and their families. And just as every mother chooses the best for her children or family, this is exactly how Matičnjak always strives to provide the highest quality, truly pure and proven products.

We often hear, "If someone knows, mom knows!", because who knows us better than mom. The care and love they provide is incomparable to anything, and the trust of moms has returned in the form of recognition of the project "Selected Moms", who, based on research on a nationally representative sample, choose the best. Moms have a particularly fine and refined taste when it comes to quality and their trust means no end.

Moms are respondents in all categories of protein pasta, cold-pressed oils and apitherapeutic preparations, found the "Matičnjak" products to be of exceptional quality. As a result, Matičnjak is the bearer of above-average ratings according to the criteria of satisfaction, quality and intention to recommend.

The overall range of the Matičnjak company consists of five product groups: cold-pressed oils, healthy food and nutritional supplements (proteins, granules and flour), honey-based products and fruit spreads, pasta and macerates. Each of the mentioned segments hides valuable products, the composition of which fully corresponds to the company's slogan: '100% love and 0% chemistry' .

1. CATEGORY - Cold pressed oils

Cold pressed oils greatly enrich the range and are the winners of the award "Chosen by moms" and form the backbone and the beginning of the Matičnjak brand, which, like the example of the bestseller - black cumin oil, help, among other things, in the effective fight against allergies, in the regulation of immunity and sugar.

You can view the entire assortment of cold-pressed oils HERE .

2. CATEGORY - Apitherapy preparations

Functional honeys - winners in the category of apitherapy preparations, are an indispensable part of a healthy assortment, the regular intake of which can prevent various ailments. Let's say, Four Thieves is a functional honey that contains black cumin seeds and four beneficial plants of our climate - sage, lemon balm, thyme and rosemary, which "steal" everything that harms your health. Matičnjak's honey is also honey from the Croatian pastures of the Žumberački Mountains and is obtained in the most natural way possible, without the use of synthetic additives in beekeeping. In combination with carefully selected plants of our climate, this honey mixture contains a piece of natural wealth that will enrich your daily diet in a high-quality way. You can view the entire range of honey HERE .

3. CATEGORY - Protein products

Pasta from Matičnjak - winner in the protein pasta category - have a high proportion of seeds - up to 20%, are made without eggs, additives and artificial flavors, and by preparing such pasta you get a completely healthy meal. What is particularly interesting is the fact that this pasta is cooked for only 3 minutes, and thus the cooking speed is reduced to a minimum, which means that a potential lunch is on the table very quickly. Pasta with sesame flour, pasta with chia seeds, pasta with hemp, pasta with seeds are just some of the delicacies that you can enjoy and create new recipes. You can view the entire range of pasta HERE .

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