Posjeta polaznika učilišta Galbanum

Visit of Galbanum college students

On Friday, May 14, we happily welcomed the visit of students from the famous Galbanum College, a place where you can get educated in the fields of natural therapies and entrepreneurship when you want to immerse yourself in the natural world and learn something more. Everyone is welcome - from those who, for their own needs, want to gain knowledge in the field of nutrition, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, various massage programs, to processors and producers of medicinal and aromatic herbs, to turning their love and interest into business success.

Our phytotherapist and apitherapist, Ivo Bačlija, shared many experiences in his own processing of medicinal plants and designing products based on them. We were very pleased to ask a series of questions about the success of growing plants in our area, to the experience of working with bees and further plans and needs in which - who knows - maybe a successful future collaboration will happen.

We wish the group leaders and participants good luck in their future work, we look forward to all future visits.

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