Potražite Matičnjak i u Farmacia lancu ljekarnama

Look for Matičnjak in the Farmacia chain of pharmacies

As part of the Farmacia chain , which consists of pharmacies and specialized stores spread throughout Croatia, there are now also Matičnjak bestsellers - already recognized preparations as main allies in the fight against viruses, bacteria and other ailments and for the purpose of prevention and healthy living.

Farmacia stands out not only with the top-notch service of experienced doctors, who are at your service every day, but also with specialized consultations.

As part of additional services, an individual approach to patients has been developed through specialized counseling centers - nutritional, phytoaromatherapy, sports, pediatric, cardiology and dermatology, with many satisfied clients who have solved or alleviated numerous health problems and ailments that can accompany us through our daily lives.

Exactly what Matičnjak as a brand needs, lives and supports - individual approach, knowledge and friendliness, so we are extremely happy about this collaboration.

Look for us in Farmacia przejnema .

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