Žene bi trebale tražiti ono dobro za sebe!

Women should look for the good for themselves!

On the occasion of today's Women's Day, we spoke with our Martina - the director of development and innovation of the Matičnjak brand...

Which 4 Matičnjak products would you single out as the most important support for women's health?

Speaking of exclusively oral use, absolutely and primarily what every woman should start from are healthy fats, which represent the general basis of health! As much as 30% of the macronutrients we consume daily are fats, so it really matters which 'fats' they are! The interesting thing about fats is that we already know that each bite works 'immediately'. Therefore, if we use good fats, we will immediately have an active effect, not only on our appearance, but also on our health, and we will be able to make the best use of them. So, if we use healthy fats, we will have good communication between cells; our adipose tissue is actually an endocrine organ that strongly influences other organs in its vicinity. If good fats are found in the cell membrane, they will have a better and direct effect on skin regeneration, so this will be visible, not only on the waist, skin, hair and nails, but also on the level of estrogen - this best shows the extent of the connection between what the body there is also the appearance itself.

In simpler terms: fats are everywhere in the body, so it is extremely important that we consume them as best and as efficiently as possible . One of the primary products where women should start is HPU of wild flax ( Camelina sativa ) or HPU hemp ( Cannabis sativa ). These are two oils that, especially for women, have extremely valuable fatty acids. Throughout our lives, we actually want to prevent silent inflammations, which we all have and which have been simmering in us, as a rule, since childhood, that is, from the moment we start eating bad fats and highly processed food* (carbohydrates together with bad fats). If we ingest HPU of wild flax and/or hemp daily, we can be sure that their effect will be seen very quickly, not only in our appearance but also in our health.

After that, I would definitely single out sikavic granulate for detoxification processes, which we also need because they stimulate the work of the liver, which is absolutely necessary today. Sikavica is a "cleansing" plant and is used in three- or four-week cures, and our body and skin shine after such a cure. Namely, with everything that we receive daily from the environment, from what we inhale, what we eat and drink, we are constantly burdening our liver and we should be very aware of that! However, if we repeat the treatment three or four times a year, the deterioration in the body and skin will be smaller and smaller.

I would like to highlight the third product Fenugreek Plus – due to the level of iron ( Fe ) in it. It is important for women to have an optimal level of iron, and fenugreek also has an effect on the glycemic index of the total meal taken, which means that it will help us to reduce our desire for products that are highly processed*, as fenugreek will keep us full for longer, and sugar will oscillate less. Here, it is important to note that fenugreek, along with granulated fenugreek and HPU of wild flax, i.e. hemp, also has its phytotherapeutic and nutritional value, as it is rich, for example, in fiber.

Finally - Cat ! The adaptogen found in Maca, which is usually called a "women's plant" (although it is extremely good for men too!), is as good as a small boost which contributes to the mental purity and clarity of women. Given that many women are bothered by the taste of Maca, we decided to use its properties by 'hiding' it in smaller quantities in functional honey. Vita-B , which is suitable for daily intake as a natural supplement for women's hormonal health.

How can a woman best take care of her health nowadays?

It is characteristic of women that they are more intuitive and pay more attention to themselves holistically (much more than men), that they think more and approach introspectively. As a result, we are more exposed, in the sense that our external appearance is 'looked at', and good looks only follow good health ! Women are intuitive, so they understand that nutrition is important - beauty and food go together, it's all connected. Unfortunately, according to research, women in Croatia eat very poorly. The recommendation is to consume 40% of carbohydrates (CU) and we are talking about good CU, and women in Croatia consume 60% of CU on a daily basis! In that 60% UH, a large part is made up of highly processed UH - sugars and trans fats, which together make up the worst thing for a woman (along with any other bad habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, etc.). In simpler terms: women should ask good for yourself ! They should be able to read the declaration and understand in the whole forest of data that we are surrounded by, what is the basis of everything, because if we are already consuming 30% of fats, let them at least be good fats!

We also tend to often bring back stories about our mothers and grandmothers, how they did not particularly pay attention to their diet - but we forget that they did not have what we have on the shelves today, there was not so much junk food everywhere, and women were much more active and it all makes a huge difference! Even though that generation of women also suffered in some way due to the new mass production of new food, unfortunately, the life span of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, living this way of life, we will not live so beautifully. Today, already at the age of 30, we have chronic diseases, which is truly terrible. All this happens because we make mistakes in the basic steps, and to get a chronic disease at 30 or 40 years old, to deal with it for the rest of your life and to be life-limited... is something that every woman should be aware is really happening in order to try to take everything to prevent it!

What does "strong woman" mean to you?

A "strong woman" is content, simple, curious... she does not judge, she chooses a healthy life, not an alternative (alternative in the sense of what today's "strong" industries offer her in all fields) - she chooses her path without compromise on the way to a healthy life !

Your message to all women, young and old...

I will repeat what I already said - women should seek that good for themselves and should be leaders good ! Women, always strive to be leaders in finding good solutions !

Finally... Register of news?

Our skin is closely connected with the entire organism - it is one of the fine biomechanics of our body. The skin is the organ that connects us with our insides. Cosmetics, skin care and treatment are important, necessary and demanding. We always come back to the fact that natural is good, that it is necessary to remove all harmful ingredients from our body, and it is important to be prudent in this.

Nature offers us really excellent solutions, and we at Matičnjak try to find these solutions, combine them and offer them - so far in the form of healthy food supplements, and our desire is to contribute to the health of the skin from the outside, which we will achieve by turning the offer and innovative newness in assortment for this very purpose. Soon this great news will see the light of day... I am very excited about it, together with my team, all the more because I strongly believe in our natural, botanical formulas and I think that every woman who chooses it - will not regret it!

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