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The influence of nutrition on inflammation and chronic diseases

There are few people who have not had acute inflammation once or more in their life, and unfortunately there are more and more people with chronic inflammation. Inflammation is the first defense mechanism of our body - which after a while becomes our enemy. A proper, varied and complete diet can have a very positive impact on reducing and eliminating inflammation, while, unfortunately, a diet that is mostly based on meat and proteins can do a lot of damage to our body in the long run.

Our body reacts with inflammation to bacteria, viruses, autoimmune disorders, drugs, various toxins that we absorb from the polluted environment, and to many other substances and bodies that it recognizes as foreign. Inflammation in the body is usually noticed very quickly by the level of CRP in the blood (C-reactive protein). This inflammatory marker is controlled by doctors in order to gain insight into the degree of inflammation present in our body, but also to determine the risk of cardiovascular problems (e.g. heart attack).

If there are too many foreign bodies in the body, our body persistently responds to inflammation until it solves all the problems that need to be solved - but after a while it starts to have a negative effect on the rest of our body. Often, such a state of the body leads to allergic reactions, and bringing the body into a state of chronic allergies. Inflammation is at the root of many chronic diseases, and nutrition plays an important role in this process. Constantly elevated CRP is specific to Western cultures where a diet rich in meat and saturated fat abounds. In a study from 2015, published in the journal "Complementary Therapies in Medicine", researchers drastically changed the diet of a group of 600 people and monitored CRP values ​​in the blood.  They replaced the predominant meat on the menu with a whole, varied diet and soon noticed that the subjects' CRP began to drop - along with cholesterol, high blood pressure and body weight. They proved that a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables reduces inflammation in the body.

The question arises: does such a diet suppress inflammation in the body, or perhaps it does not cause it at all? Both are probably true, since foods rich in fruits and vegetables are rich in phytonutrients that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Such phytonutrients help the body to heal faster, and when the body heals, its weapon - inflammation - goes off.

Although people are increasingly aware of the impact of proper nutrition on health, changes are happening slowly. Many people are still on different meat and protein diets, thereby introducing large amounts of harmful saturated fatty acids into the body, which cause inflammation, but also have many other negative effects on the body (insulin resistance etc). We are advocates of a rich, varied diet based onfruitvegetables, unrefined carbohydrates i unsaturated fatty acids, and guided by that idea, we design and make our delicious and healthy ones productsWe will gladlyto answer to all your questions regarding nutrition and its impact on our health. Spin a healthy movie with us!



Ivo Bačlija, herbalistapitherapist

+The information and statements are for educational purposes and should not replace your doctor's advice.

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