I mi smo dio najsimpatičnijih „Malih poduzetnika Hrvatske“!

We are also part of the nicest "Small entrepreneurs of Croatia"!

Who are the Small Entrepreneurs of Croatia?

Behind this wonderful Croatian story is the creative and ambitious Lucija, the main holder of the MPH profile, who herself points out that "the website and Instagram profile strive to enable small Croatian producers, service providers, artists and creatives of various kinds to make their stories and the results of their work known to the general public .“

"If attention is paid to excellent photography, aesthetic harmony of the entire profile, thoughtful descriptions, communication with customers and supporting other small entrepreneurs - you can be sure that a lot of work has been invested in the product/service itself" - these are some of the conditions for getting your place on to this commendable profile, with "the existence of a certain continuity of regular publication and that it is a business profile that contains as few private publications as possible."

"All of the above are the elements I look for before concluding that an individual belongs to the group of "the most sympathetic and creative small entrepreneurs in Croatia", says Lucija, MPH.

"The road ahead of us is certainly long, but every other good entrepreneurial story is the result of millions of small steps and thinking of enthusiastic individuals who don't want to give up," they point out at MPH.

Therefore, it is a great honor and pleasure for us that our long-term effort and work has been recognized, not only in the quality of the product, but also by investing in social online engagement by promoting and educating about healthy natural food supplements and, accordingly, everything that nature does best for us. provides.

Maticjak has found its place on the MPH profile in the "HEALTHY & TASTY" category, and you can find out what other stories, categories and services are hidden by the best MPH on their official Instagram profile pages ( @malipoduzetnici.hr ) and website ( www.malipoduzetnici. com ) which "were started with the idea of ​​bringing together and presenting (exceptional) ideas, works, products and creations of Croatian entrepreneurs in one place".

You can read more details about the creation and mission of the MPH profile in the online edition of the magazine Grace  https://grazia.hr/grazia-se-pridruzila-misiji-ovog-valevrijednog-profila/ .

In this way, we would like to say thank you to all of you - our loyal consumers, customers and lovers of natural food supplements, who have contributed (are contributing) to the expansion of this - our and your - local community in any way!

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