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More than a decade ago, the slogan 100% love and 0% chemistry led to the establishment of the company " Matičnjak ".

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Our desire was as much as possible to bring the benefits of using the best of nature - what nature actually saved for its new life - seeds to everyone.

Although our phytotherapist and apitherapist Ivo Bačlija, the author of Matičnjak's products, has been dealing with medicinal plants in some way all his life, he came to the real "elixir" of medicinal plants only when he started pressing its seeds in order to obtain cold-pressed oils.

We were looking for an appropriate and effective way to preserve nutrients from plants without excessive processing or applying aggressive methods and thus created products rich in original protective, active, nutrients. That's why we decided on cold-pressed oils (in the pressing process we do not exceed a temperature of 28 C), various plant extracts and functional honeys, which, through careful preparation, best preserve the undeniably effective substances from the seeds contained in them.

Ancient wisdom and cutting edge science speak different languages. But they say the same thing:

Cold-pressed seed oils are essential in the daily diet and are a prerequisite for good health.

The high content of biologically active substances makes them not only excellent food, but also a powerful medicinal agent even for the most serious diseases.

Fats in food have had a dubious reputation until recently, but again, thanks to science, today's understanding of them has changed. It has been proven that for health and vitality, we need unsaturated fatty acids, which are the main components of cell membranes and, at the same time, an important component of the human organism. Omega 3 and omega 6 are unsaturated fatty acids with multiple biological roles and their imbalance is present in almost all chronic diseases

The best way to solve the lack of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is to enrich the diet with foods that contain them, and the best choice is cold-pressed oils of hemp, black cumin, podlanka, sikavica, grape seeds, walnuts and hazelnuts. In addition to being rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E (also known as the vitamin of youth), each of these oils also contains specific ingredients that make it a special and effective remedy for certain health problems.

Matičnjak - O nama

We at Matičnjak follow the path of science and scientific achievements, precious traditional experiences and our own curiosity and willingness to innovate. Countless scientific studies have proven to us that nature offers excellent solutions, we just have to know how to use them.

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